Throne Holst paper- and twitter awards 2021

Submission of papers is closed


Presentation of publications by young scientists

14.00 -14.05: Welcome by Stine M. Ulven

14.05- 14.15: Amanda Rundblad: “Comprehensive lipid and metabolite profiling in healthy adults with low and high consumption of fatty fish: a cross-sectional study”

14.15-14.25: Lillian Katenga-Kaunda: “Dietary intake and processes of behavior changes in a nutrition education intervention for pregnant women in rural Malawi: a cluster randomized controlled trial”

14.25-14.35: Thomas Olsen: “Effects of dietary methionine and cysteine restriction on plasma biomarkers, serum fibroblast growth factor 21, and adipose tissue gene expression in women with overweight or obesity: a double‑blind randomized controlled pilot study”

14.35-14.45: Rut Anne Thomassen: “Micronutrients in paediatric Intestinal Failure Patients receiving home parenteral nutrition”

14.45-14.55: Helen Røstad-Tollefsen: “Factors influencing the opportunities of supporting staff to promote a healthy diet in adults with intellectual disabilities”

14.55- 15.10: Coffee break

15.10-15.20: Mari Mohn Paulsen: “Effects of using the MyFood decision support system on hospitalized patients' nutritional status and treatment: A randomized controlled trial”.

15.20-15.30: Hanne Havdal: “Perceptions of the social and physical environment of adolescents’ dietary behaviour in neighbourhoods of different socioeconomic position”.

15.30-15.40: Sonja Brunvoll: “Dietary changes in early-stage breast cancer patients from pre-surgery and over the 12 months post-surgery”.

15.40-15.50: Amanda Rundblad: “Intake of Fermented Dairy Products Induces a Less Pro-Inflammatory Postprandial Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Gene Expression Response than Non-Fermented Dairy Products: A Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Trial”.

15.50-15.55: Gunnar Mellgren: Presentation of paper-award

15.55-16.00: Christine Henriksen: Presentation of twitter-award


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