4th Oslo Epigenetic Symposium 2022

Oslo Epigenetics Symposium 2022 presents cutting-edge epigenetic research from top national and international researchers

Oslo harbour

Welcome to the 4th Oslo Epigenetic Symposium 7-9th september 2022

Photo: Ragnhild Eskeland, UiO

The 4th Oslo Epigenetics Symposium is a three day event that brings together leading scientists in the field of epigenetics. Our goal is to highlight the latest advances in epigenetics, nuclear architecture and chromatin regulation. Short talks will be selected and provides an excellent opportunity to early career scientist to showcase their work for a larger audience. We will have a poster session and ample opportunities for mingling between speakers and attendees to build future collaborative networks.

The meeting has support from:


The conference will open for up to 150 participants on a first come first serve basis. A conference fee including buffet lunch, coffee breaks with snacks and one tapas. Only participants with paid conference fee will be issued a badge and admitted to the lectures. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery may be required to attend the conference, pending the current situation.

Registration deadline

The deadline for submission of abstract and registration deadline is 25th of August.

Register here.

Call for abstracts

Poster sessions are an integral part of the our symposium, and offer all conferees an opportunity to discuss their research. Abstracts are submitted through registration form using our template. For more info visit our poster info page.

We offer oral presentation to 24 participants. Your abstract may be selected for a short talk (12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions).


Ragnhild Eskeland Foto: Terje HeiestadAssociate Professor
Ragnhild Eskeland
IMB & CanCell
University of Oslo


Dr. Deo PandeyPhoto private
Oslo University Hospital


Associate ProfessorPhoto: NCMM
Nikolina Sekulic
University of Oslo

The meeting has support from


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The event has been supported by UiO:Life Science.

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Dentist Olaf Aase and wife memorial fund


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