Toward cellular resolution atlases of the mammalian brain

IMB Distinguished Seminar by Michael Hawrylycz

Michael Hawrylycz, Ph.D, Sr. Director, Informatics, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, USA.

Photo: Allen Institute for Brain Science

About the lecture

Progress in higher throughput single cell profiling techniques in neuroscience has allowed for the potential for cellular resolution atlases of the mammalian brain. The necessary multiple components of these atlases include the transcriptome, morphology, electrophysiology,  epigenetic and other modalities and have advanced the field from mesoscale tissue profiling to cellular level characterization of the brain. We survey work  in the mouse and human toward this goal at the Allen Institute, the Human Cell Atlas, and within the recently formed  NIH Brain Initiative Cell Census Network.


About the speaker

Mike Hawrylycz joined the Allen Institute in 2003. He is responsible for the direction of the data analysis and annotation effort. Hawrylycz has worked in a variety of applied mathematics and computer science areas, addressing challenges in consumer and investment finance, electrical engineering and image processing, and computational biology and genomics. Hawrylycz received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He subsequently was a post-doctoral researcher in the Computer Research and Applications Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. More information here.


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