The Role of Nutrition in Brain Development

A seminar sponsored by The Norwegian Brain Council and the Norwegian Consortium on Brain Development.


1300-1315:   Joel C. Glover, University of Oslo: Welcome and introduction

1315-1400    Joel C. Glover: University of Oslo: "Developmental milestones and mechanisms in the brain and their  potential susceptability to nutritional status”

1400-1445    Melissa Gladstone University of Liverpool: "Food for thought – how does nutrition affect brain development?”

1445-1530    Christian Drevon University of Oslo: "Optimal nutrition for the brain perinatally”

1530-1615    Birgitta Strandvik Karolinska Institute: "The importance of neonatal fatty acids for the development of prematurely born babies up to 18 months of age”

1615-1645    Farrukh Chaudhry: "University of Oslo Patho-functional roles of amino acids in brain development and neurodegenerative diseases”

1645-1700    Discussion

See also the associated public event “Mat og Hjernen” (Facebook link, in Norwegian) sponsored by the Norwegian Brain Council (Hjernerådet) – November 12, 16:30-18:30, Vulkan Arena, Oslo ¬- in connection with the public campaign “Med hjerte for hjernen”.

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