Is free will an illusion?

What does neuroscience tell us about free will?

Open lecture by Prof. John Dylan Haynes, Director of Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging

Prof. John Dylan Haynes

Ancient philosophical questions

Is free will just an illusion? Are all our actions predetermined by brain processes beyond our control? Are we just complex “machines” without any real freedom to decide, choose and act?  Does this mean that we are not responsible for our choices and actions? These are ancient philosophical questions that are still hotly debated.

Our choices can be predicted

Recent results from brain imaging suggest that at least some of our choices can be predicted with some accuracy several seconds before we know that we made the choice. Prof. John Dylan Haynes, who is a leading scientist in this field, will present some of his results and discuss what they mean.


18.00– 18.05   Opening by Prof. Erik Boye, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

18.05– 18.10   Introduction by Prof. Johan F. Storm, Neurophysiology, University of Oslo

18.10– 19.00   Lecture by Prof. John Dylan Haynes

19.00– 19.10   10 minutes break  

19.10– 19.40   Comments by Edmund Henden (Philosophy) and J.F. Storm (Neurophysiology)

19.40– 20.30   Panel Discussion and Questions from the Audience

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