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March 3rd,  2022:

Prof. TERJE LØMO, Physiology section, IMB, University of Oslo

"Long term potentiation (LTP):

Essential in forming interconnected assemblies of engram cells for learning and memory"


Image from poster on the lecture.

Terje Lømo will lecture about his landmark discovery and first description of long term potentiation (LTP) in 1966 and 1973, and the wide range of research that has followed from it. LTP is one of the most important discoveries is modern neuroscience, providing a leading model of learning and memory in the brain, and the best example of Hebb's rule:  "Cells that fire together wire together."

12.00  Johan Storm, UiO: Welcome

12.05  Jens-Petter Berg, Research Dean, The Medical Faculty, UiO: Introduction

12.10  Edvard Moser, NTNU: On the importance of Terje Lømo’s research

12.15-13.15  Terje Lømo’s lecture

The lecture will also be live streamed via zoom:

All are welcome!


Johan F. Storm, Svend Davanger, Vidar Jensen, Jørgen Sugar 


See more details in this pdf-poster.

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