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CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH broadcast on NRK Radio (P2) from 23rd of July.

Soon there will be 4 programs broadcasted on NRK P2 (Abels tårn /Abels Forgård /Abels Kjeller) every Friday from 23 July to 13 August, at 10.03 - 11.00 am, about consciousness research from our laboratory, among others. 

A small taste (7 minutes in Norwegian) of the programs can be heard here:

"Sick leave and a small drop of consciousness"

The Abel Tower editorial staff recently visited our laboratory to create a program on consciousness, and then decided to create a series of four programs, which will be broadcasted every Friday from July 23 to August 13, at 10.03.

The programs contain elements from several types of consciousness research in our laboratory: Both measurement of brain waves from awake, conscious people, including Abel's tower host Torkild Jemterud, and from animals that are awake or under anesthesia, and measurement of intracellular electrical signals inside living brain cells from animals and humans, to study in detail the physical processes that believe are the basis of our consciousness.

In addition, there are discussions between representatives of brain research and consciousness research, philosophy, biology and artificial intelligence.


Bevissthet #1 - Zombies (and me) | Abels tårn on Acast

Bevissthet #2:

Bevissthet #3 - There's something about Mary


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