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Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop carries out the construction and design of products as well as a number of mechanical services.

The workshop is a service unit for the Institute's primary businesses, but also cooperates with external actors, which generate annual income for IMB.

The workshops at IMB have now been opened for more normal operations after the close down due to COVID-19. But to ensure that we maintain the right degree of disease control there is some changes relative to before the outbreak.

The doors to the workshops will basically be locked. Inquiries and questions shall be received through either email or telephone.

If you are unsure if you know the right recipient for your question, the right recipient is Knut Rekdahl.

Apparatus/units/equipment/etc. that shall be delivered to the workshops shall be disinfected before delivery. Deliveries from the workshop will also be disinfected before handover.

Our response time can become some slower than in normal times. For us to be able to help you in the best way and as quick as possible, it would be nice if your inquiries is received with as much relevant information as possible.

Examples of work done by the mechanical workshop
Photo: Carina Knudsen

Task request form

Please include

  • Description of the task.
  • Organizational Unit ID, Project ID and "Tiltak" ID (Norwegian: "kontostreng")
  • Faculty/Unit.
  • Contact person.

Price list (norwegian)

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