Persons tagged with «Immunology»

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Picture of Bjarne Bogen Bogen, Bjarne Life sciences, Immunology, autoimmunity, B cell lymphomas, multiple myeloma, T cells, B cells, vaccine molecules, China, India, Japan, USA, Nordic, Global South
Picture of Demo Yemane Tesfaye Tesfaye, Demo Yemane Postdoctoral Fellow Immunology, vaccine, Influenza, Dendritic Cells, Antigen Presenting Cells
Picture of Elise Solli Solli, Elise Doctoral Research Fellow Cancer immunotherapy, Immunology, Regulatory T cells
Picture of Kjetil Tasken Tasken, Kjetil Adjunct Professor +47 90860759 Cell signalling, Cancer, Cancer biology, Cancer research, Health, Immunology, Life sciences, Regulatory T cells, T cells, Precision Medicine, Personalised Medicine
Picture of Frode Vartdal Vartdal, Frode +47 99700152 Management, Immunology, Multiple sclerosis, Central nervous system, Autoimmunity, Transplantion immunology
Picture of Gunnveig Grødeland Grødeland, Gunnveig Researcher Influenza, Immunology, Vaccine molecules, USA
Picture of Fulgencio Ruso Julve Ruso Julve, Fulgencio Postdoctoral Fellow Immunology, antibodies, biodistribution
Picture of Frode Lars Jahnsen Jahnsen, Frode Lars Professor +47 93261235 Nordic, Life science, Allergy, USA, Immunology
Picture of Ludvig Andre Munthe Munthe, Ludvig Andre Professor +4793461540 PhD education, Immunology, Hematology, leukemia, myeloma, B cells, T cells
Picture of Lise Kveberg Kveberg, Lise Researcher +47 22781330 +47 90699928 Immunology, immune therapy, NK cells
Picture of Marius Trøseid Trøseid, Marius Adjunct Professor gut microbiota, immunology, inflammation, HIV, Covid-19, RCT
Picture of Tahira Riaz Riaz, Tahira Postdoctoral Fellow Mass spectrometry, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Microbiology, Antimicrobial resistance
Picture of Shuo-Wang Qiao Qiao, Shuo-Wang Professor +47 22850533 +47 97725876 Immunology, T cells, Autoimmunity, scRNA-seq, single cell, Molecular biology
Picture of Siri Hansen Stabell Stabell, Siri Hansen Doctoral Research Fellow Dermatology, Immunology
Picture of Yunjie Wu Wu, Yunjie Postdoctoral Fellow EVs, Immunology, NK cells, cancer immunotherapy
Picture of Nuria Garcia Diaz Garcia Diaz, Nuria Postdoctoral Fellow Cell signalling, Cancer research, Immunology, cancer immunotherapy