Oslo University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre (OUS-CCC)

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Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is the largest hospital in Norway, with activities in four major localisation. The hospital was granted status as an European Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) in 2017. This accreditation was bestowed by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) and confirms our ambition of representing a combination of fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research, with a sufficient portfolio of cancer care services extending along the total care pathway.

The CCC activities extend through several clinics and departments, and are organised through regular meetings with representatives from departments and groups involved in cancer research and cancer care.

A cornerstone in the CCC, is the research, including basic, translational, clinical and epidemiological research. The research budget is approximately 75 million Euro with 550 full time employees. In 2019, 1006 cancer patients were included in clinical interventional studies, representing a significant increase. OUS CCC include two institutes, Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics (ICGI) and Institute for Cancer Research (ICR).