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Division of Mental Health and Addiction

The activities of the division consist of research, education and dissemination of research results within the fields of psychiatry, substance abuse and addiction. The division encompasses five units organized by research topic, and the units are located at the hospitals.

Psychiatric research is primarily concerned with studying the causes of mental disorders, development and distribution in the population.

In addition, an important function of psychiatric research is to evaluate treatments. In other words, the aims of the Division’s research is to better understand mental disorders in order to increase the quality of future treatments and to ensure that existing treatment methods are evidence-based, i.e. that they have documented effects.



Postal address Postboks 1039 Blindern, 0315 Oslo Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 21 Gaustad sykehus 0372 Oslo

Unit codes

Cost center 13152500 Purchasing, finance, salary and more Old unit ID 531000 Vortex, FS and more