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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Trond Lindskog Lindskog, Trond Principal Engineer +47-22850610 +47-90266206 +47-90266206
Picture of Christian Borgen Lindstad Lindstad, Christian Borgen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Pål Dag Line Line, Pål Dag Professor II +47-23070509 Nordic
Picture of Tekle Airgecho Lobie Lobie, Tekle Airgecho Researcher +4794200908
Picture of Philipp Paul Lobmaier Lobmaier, Philipp Paul Researcher +47-23368956 +47-95307919
Picture of Vera Lonning Lonning, Vera Researcher
Picture of Steinar Lorentzen Lorentzen, Steinar Professor Emeritus +47-22923833
Picture of Bianca M.R. Lorntzsen Lorntzsen, Bianca M.R. Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Andreas Lossius Lossius, Andreas Researcher
Picture of Astrid Haaskjold Lossius Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Morten Lossius Lossius, Morten Professor II
Picture of Ragnhild A Lothe Lothe, Ragnhild A Professor II +47-22934415
Picture of William Edward Louch Louch, William Edward Professor II
Picture of Eivind Gard Lund Lund, Eivind Gard Researcher
Picture of Hans-Jørgen Lund Lund, Hans-Jørgen Section Manager +47-22859207 92625140
Picture of Anna Lunde Lunde, Anna Principal Engineer
Picture of Ida Gjervold Lunde Lunde, Ida Gjervold Adviser +47-23016852
Picture of Ida Gjervold Lunde Lunde, Ida Gjervold Adviser +47-23016852
Picture of Ketil Berge Lunde Lunde, Ketil Berge Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Knut Lundin Lundin, Knut Professor +4790980325 +47-90980325 Education
Picture of Anders Christofer Lundqvist Lundqvist, Anders Christofer Professor II
Picture of Hilde Lurås Lurås, Hilde Associate Professor +47-67968719 +47-92417512
Picture of Javier Armando Luzon Luzon, Javier Armando Doctoral Research Fellow 3D visualization, Technology and Care, Colon cancer, 3D printing, 3D vascular reconstruction
Picture of Else Marit Løberg Løberg, Else Marit Professor II +47-22118933
Picture of Britt Løken Løken, Britt Senior Executive Officer +47-23070938
Picture of Lisa Yuen Løvold Løvold, Lisa Yuen Principal Engineer
Picture of Desiree Madah-Amiri Madah-Amiri, Desiree Researcher +47-22850692
Picture of Jan Erik Madsen Madsen, Jan Erik Professor II +47-22119558
Picture of Piotr Majak Majak, Piotr Associate Professor
Picture of Umair Majid Majid, Umair Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Karl-Johan Malmberg Malmberg, Karl-Johan Professor II +47-45390926
Picture of Eva Malt Malt, Eva Associate Professor
Picture of Ulrik Fredrik  Malt Malt, Ulrik Fredrik Professor emeritus - Department of Research and Education, Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital +47-90017483 Bipolar disorder, Psychosomatic medicine, Mood disorder, C-L psychiatry, Stress, Neuropsychiatry, Psychopharmacology
Picture of Ornella Manfra Manfra, Ornella Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Yogalingam Manickam Manickam, Yogalingam Head Engineer +47-22859014 +47-93054593
Picture of Hanna Dis Margeirsdottir Margeirsdottir, Hanna Dis Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Serena Marshall Marshall, Serena Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47-22851295
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47-22851295
Picture of Egil Wilhelm Martinsen Martinsen, Egil Wilhelm Professor II +47-22923466
Picture of Maria Mateo Tortola Mateo Tortola, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Martin Berner McAdam McAdam, Martin Berner Head Engineer +47-22854673
Picture of Lars Mehlum Mehlum, Lars Professor +47 22923473 China, USA
Picture of Adi Mehta Mehta, Adi Researcher Microspere-based Affinity Proteomics, autoimmune disease, Protein arrays, cancer immunotherapy, antibodies
Picture of Kjetil Klaveness Melby Melby, Kjetil Klaveness Professor Emeritus
Picture of Torstein Ragnar Meling Meling, Torstein Ragnar Professor II
Picture of Ingrid Melle Melle, Ingrid Professor +47 23 02 73 50 Nordic, USA
Picture of Espen Melum Melum, Espen Researcher
Picture of Julia Paola Menichetti Delor Menichetti Delor, Julia Paola Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Annika Michelsen Michelsen, Annika Researcher +47-23073621