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Picture of Martin Kummen Kummen, Martin Senior researcher microbiota, microbiome, liver disease, oncology
Picture of Dag Kvale Kvale, Dag Head of Department +47 22850546 +47 95200709
Picture of Synnøve Kvalheim Kvalheim, Synnøve Lecturer
Picture of Gjertrud Kvalstad Kvalstad, Gjertrud Lecturer +47 41686736
Picture of Elfrida H Kvarstein Kvarstein, Elfrida H Associate Professor
Picture of Anette Borger Kvaslerud Kvaslerud, Anette Borger Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lise Kveberg Kveberg, Lise Researcher +47 22781330 +47 90699928
Picture of Knut Kvernebo Kvernebo, Knut Professor Emeritus +47 92434971 +47 92434971
Picture of Tore Kristian Kvien Kvien, Tore Kristian Professor Emeritus +47 22451750
Picture of Julie Nybakk Kvaal Kvaal, Julie Nybakk Adviser +47 22844690 Research communication, Communication, Internal communication, Press contact
Picture of Sandra Kühn Kühn, Sandra Researcher
Picture of Marton Skog Steinberger König König, Marton Skog Steinberger Malignancies of the skull base, Craniofacial surgery
Picture of Rolf Kåresen Kåresen, Rolf Professor Emeritus
Picture of Stein Kaasa Kaasa, Stein Professor II
Picture of Ole Jørgen Kaasbøll Kaasbøll, Ole Jørgen Researcher
Picture of Hely Katariina Laine Laine, Hely Katariina Associate Professor
Picture of Anne Landheim Landheim, Anne Researcher
Picture of Knud Holck Landmark Landmark, Knud Holck Professor Emeritus +47 22119005
Picture of Linn Aina Ysland Landrø Landrø, Linn Aina Ysland Associate Professor +47 23070000
Picture of Elisabeth Toverud Landaas Landaas, Elisabeth Toverud Lecturer
Picture of Jonas Langerud Langerud, Jonas Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Iver Arne Langmoen Langmoen, Iver Arne Professor II
Picture of Gry Bruland Larsen Larsen, Gry Bruland Senior Executive Officer +47 23015597
Picture of Joselan Fabe Larsen Larsen, Joselan Fabe Executive Officer +47 23016800
Picture of Kim Sverre Larsen Larsen, Kim Sverre Lecturer
Picture of Miriam Aarsund Larsen Larsen, Miriam Aarsund Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41743744
Picture of Anne Cecilie Kjeldsen Larstorp Larstorp, Anne Cecilie Kjeldsen Associate Professor
Picture of Sofie Hindkjær Lautrup Lautrup, Sofie Hindkjær Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Christopher Le Le, Christopher Researcher
Picture of Sindre Lee-Ødegård Lee-Ødegård, Sindre Researcher +47 46796851
Picture of Truls Michael Leegaard Leegaard, Truls Michael Associate Professor +47-90646265
Picture of Ingunn Legard Legard, Ingunn Adviser
Picture of Soili Marianne Lehto Lehto, Soili Marianne Professor II
Picture of Andrea Lenartova Lenartova, Andrea
Picture of Finn Olav Levy Levy, Finn Olav Professor +47 22840237 +47 47271676
Picture of Yingqian Li Li, Yingqian Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Anine Lie Lie, Anine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Benedicte Alexandra Lie Lie, Benedicte Alexandra Professor +47 23016646
Picture of Erik Steensæth Lie Lie, Erik Steensæth Lecturer
Picture of Lars Lien Lien, Lars Researcher +47 97040683 Global South
Picture of Marit Lieng Lieng, Marit Professor II +47 22119800
Picture of Pål Henrik Lillevold Lillevold, Pål Henrik Adviser +47 23368972
Picture of Rune Lilleaas Lilleaas, Rune Senior Adviser +47 22859240
Picture of Aihua Lin Lin, Aihua Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Harald Lindberg Lindberg, Harald Professor Emeritus
Picture of Kristina Lindemann Lindemann, Kristina Associate Professor
Picture of Trond Lindskog Lindskog, Trond Principal Engineer +47 22850610 +47 90266206 +47-90266206
Picture of Christian Borgen Lindstad Lindstad, Christian Borgen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Pål Dag Line Line, Pål Dag Professor II +47 23070509 Nordic
Picture of Viola Lobert Lobert, Viola Researcher 98850060