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Picture of Umair Majid Majid, Umair Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Nina Maksimovic Maksimovic, Nina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tom Mala Mala, Tom Adjunct Professor Upper GI surgery, gastric, esophagus, bariatric surgery
Picture of Karl-Johan Malmberg Malmberg, Karl-Johan Adjunct Professor
Picture of Ulrik Fredrik Malt Malt, Ulrik Fredrik
Picture of Ornella Manfra Manfra, Ornella Researcher
Picture of Kjersti Normann Markussen Markussen, Kjersti Normann Head Engineer
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295
Picture of Alexander Mathiessen Mathiessen, Alexander Lecturer
Picture of Andreas Albert Matussek Matussek, Andreas Albert Adjunct Professor
Picture of Karin Ekholt Mc Adam Mc Adam, Karin Ekholt Head Engineer
Picture of Rebecca Silvia Mcdonald Mcdonald, Rebecca Silvia Researcher
Picture of Ingvild Helle Medin Medin, Ingvild Helle Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lars Mehlum Mehlum, Lars Professor and director +47 22923473
Picture of Brij Bhushan Mehta Mehta, Brij Bhushan Postdoctoral Fellow 46585080
Picture of Kjetil Klaveness Melby Melby, Kjetil Klaveness
Picture of Francesca Melis Melis, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ingrid Melle Melle, Ingrid Professor +47 23 02 73 50 Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Early psychosis, Negative symptoms, Environmental risk, Treatment response.
Picture of Espen Melum Melum, Espen Researcher
Picture of Saskia Meyer Meyer, Saskia Researcher
Picture of Annika Elisabet Michelsen Michelsen, Annika Elisabet Researcher
Picture of Trond Melbye Michelsen Michelsen, Trond Melbye Adjunct Professor +47 40042502
Picture of Kristoffer Midtgaard Midtgaard, Kristoffer Head Engineer +47 22859225 +47 93088959 IT support
Picture of Simona Maria Migliano Migliano, Simona Maria Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Leonardo Miranda Santana Miranda Santana, Leonardo Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41294767
Picture of Doriana Misceo Misceo, Doriana Senior Engineer
Picture of Gilbert Moatshe Moatshe, Gilbert Associate Professor
Picture of Morten Carstens Moe Moe, Morten Carstens Adjunct Professor
Picture of Gunn-Helen Øiseth Moen Moen, Gunn-Helen Øiseth Researcher
Picture of Hanne Christine Mohn Mohn, Hanne Christine Specialist Psychologist
Picture of Harald Moi Moi, Harald Head Engineer
Picture of Øyvind Molberg Molberg, Øyvind Professor
Picture of Tom Eirik Mollnes Mollnes, Tom Eirik Adjunct Professor +47 90630015
Picture of Lise Roman Moltzau Moltzau, Lise Roman Researcher +47 22840217
Picture of Vivi Talstad Monsen Monsen, Vivi Talstad Senior Engineer
Picture of Nicola Pietro Montaldo Montaldo, Nicola Pietro Researcher
Picture of Kari Lenita Falck Moore Moore, Kari Lenita Falck Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erika Morera Morera, Erika Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Bjørn Allan Moum Moum, Bjørn Allan Nordic
Picture of Morten Mowe Mowe, Morten Associate Professor
Picture of Ludvig Andre Munthe Munthe, Ludvig Andre Professor +4793461540 PhD education, Immunology, Hematology, leukemia, myeloma, B cells, T cells
Picture of Gulim Murzakanova Murzakanova, Gulim Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne Margrethe Myhre Myhre, Anne Margrethe Associate Professor
Picture of Martin Øverlien Myhre Myhre, Martin Øverlien Doctoral Research Fellow +4799235846
Picture of Peder Langeland Myhre Myhre, Peder Langeland Associate Professor
Picture of Marte Myhrum Myhrum, Marte Senior Engineer
Picture of June Helen Myklebust Myklebust, June Helen Associate Professor
Picture of Fredrik Müller Müller, Fredrik Professor +47 47024898
Picture of Stig Müller Müller, Stig Associate Professor