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Picture of Sanyalak Niratisairak Niratisairak, Sanyalak Senior Engineer +47 23076086
Picture of Christian Nissen Nissen, Christian Overingeniør +47-23072584 Video, Communication, Research communication, Sound, Image, AV services
Picture of Marie Noer Noer, Marie Head Engineer
Picture of Jakob Vangen Nordbø Nordbø, Jakob Vangen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Espen Nordheim Nordheim, Espen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lars Nordsletten Nordsletten, Lars Adjunct Professor +47 91721568 +4791721568
Picture of Aasmund Norheim Norheim, Aasmund Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kjersti Ringvoll Normann Normann, Kjersti Ringvoll Head Engineer
Picture of Rolf Nyberg-Hansen Nyberg-Hansen, Rolf Professor Emeritus +47 23072239
Picture of Tuula Anneli Nyman Nyman, Tuula Anneli Researcher +47 23073017 innate immunity, mass spectrometry, proteomics, Cell Signaling
Picture of Tuula Anneli Nyman Nyman, Tuula Anneli Researcher +47 23073017 proteomics, mass spectrometry, innate immunity, Cell Signaling
Picture of Terje Nærland Nærland, Terje Researcher
Picture of Pål Aksel Næss Næss, Pål Aksel Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jakob Nordberg Nørgaard Nørgaard, Jakob Nordberg Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Signe Turid Nøsterud Nøsterud, Signe Turid Senior Executive Officer +47 22119855
Picture of Kevin O`Connell O`Connell, Kevin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Valentyn Oksenych Oksenych, Valentyn Researcher B cells, DNA repair, Genetics, Immunology, mouse models, DNA damage
Picture of Leif-Andre Oksum Oksum, Leif-Andre Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Maren Retterstøl Olaisen Olaisen, Maren Retterstøl Adviser +47 22850545
Picture of Nicoleta Cristina Olarescu Olarescu, Nicoleta Cristina Researcher
Picture of Theresa Mariero Olasveengen Olasveengen, Theresa Mariero Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jan Oldenburg Oldenburg, Jan Adjunct Professor
Picture of Ann Oldervoll Oldervoll, Ann Senior Executive Officer Research administration
Picture of Johanna Olweus Olweus, Johanna Adjunct Professor +47 22781325 +4790054934 Cancer, Immunotherapy, Life science
Picture of Torbjørn Omland Omland, Torbjørn Professor +47 67968856 +47 40107050 +47-40107050
Picture of Mimi Stokke Opdal Opdal, Mimi Stokke Associate Professor +47 23026261
Picture of Berit Lund Opheim Opheim, Berit Lund Administrative Manager +47 67968846
Picture of Ingrid Os Os, Ingrid Professor Emeritus +47 93023337
Picture of Jan-Bjørn Osnes Osnes, Jan-Bjørn Professor Emeritus +47 22840290 +47 90639869
Picture of Terje Osnes Osnes, Terje Adjunct Professor +47 23071784
Picture of Akiah Ottesen Ottesen, Akiah Researcher
Picture of Mette Ovesen Ovesen, Mette Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jens Pahnke Pahnke, Jens Professor 230 71466, ABC transporter, Alzheimer's disease, Pahnke, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, mitochondria, Ageing, St.John's wort, Sideritis scardica, Huntington's disease, MRI, MRS, neuropathology, blood-brain barrier, mouse models, JPND, EU, treatment
Picture of Daniel Alfredo Palacios Orellana Palacios Orellana, Daniel Alfredo Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92031164 92031164
Picture of Niladri Bhusan Pati Pati, Niladri Bhusan Researcher +47 22857770
Picture of Ørnulf Paulsen Paulsen, Ørnulf Associate Professor
Picture of Benedicte Paus Paus, Benedicte Adjunct Professor +4791323334
Picture of Geir Pedersen Pedersen, Geir Researcher +4791514708
Picture of Turid Margrethe Pedersen Pedersen, Turid Margrethe Senior Engineer +47 23076187
Picture of Atle Pentz Pentz, Atle Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Harmonie Perdreau-Dahl Perdreau-Dahl, Harmonie Researcher
Picture of Beata Petrovski Petrovski, Beata Researcher
Picture of Goran Petrovski Petrovski, Goran Adjunct Professor +47 23015163
Picture of Silje Pettersen Pettersen, Silje
Picture of Danh Phung Phung, Danh Head Engineer
Picture of Søren Erik Pischke Pischke, Søren Erik Researcher innate immunity, complement system, C5, TLR, critical care, intensive care, anaesthesiology
Picture of Mirjam Podgorica Podgorica, Mirjam Researcher
Picture of Justyna Polak Polak, Justyna Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48596229
Picture of Marita K Pope Pope, Marita K Researcher
Picture of Kate Louise Porcheret Porcheret, Kate Louise Postdoctoral Fellow