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Picture of Dawn Judith Patrick-Brown Patrick-Brown, Dawn Judith Principal Engineer
Picture of Ørnulf Paulsen Paulsen, Ørnulf Associate Professor
Picture of Benedicte Paus Paus, Benedicte Adjunct Professor +4791323334
Picture of Geir Arild Feigum Pedersen Pedersen, Geir Arild Feigum Researcher +4791514708
Picture of Turid Margrethe Pedersen Pedersen, Turid Margrethe Senior Engineer +47 23076187
Picture of Atle Bråthen Pentz Pentz, Atle Bråthen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Harmonie Perdreau-Dahl Perdreau-Dahl, Harmonie Researcher
Picture of Beata Eva Petrovski Petrovski, Beata Eva Researcher
Picture of Goran Petrovski Petrovski, Goran Adjunct Professor +47 23015163
Picture of Danh Thanh Phung Phung, Danh Thanh Head Engineer
Picture of Silje Pileberg Pileberg, Silje Adviser +4745427859
Picture of Søren Erik Pischke Pischke, Søren Erik Researcher innate immunity, complement system, C5, TLR, critical care, intensive care, anaesthesiology
Picture of Mirjam Podgorica Podgorica, Mirjam Researcher
Picture of Justyna Polak Polak, Justyna Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48596229
Picture of Marita Knudsen Pope Pope, Marita Knudsen Researcher
Picture of Kate Louise Porcheret Porcheret, Kate Louise Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Christian Haugland Prebensen Prebensen, Christian Haugland Postdoctoral Fellow
Puppo, Francesca Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Shuo-Wang Qiao Qiao, Shuo-Wang Associate Professor +47 22850533 +47 97725876 Immunology, T cells, Autoimmunity, scRNA-seq, single cell, Molecular biology
Picture of Ping Qin Qin, Ping Professor +47 22923480 +47 45229224 +47-45229224 Epidemiology, biostatistics, suicide and suicidal behaviour, psychiatric illness, register-based research, data modelling, population study
Picture of Daniel Quintana Quintana, Daniel Researcher Psychiatry, oxytocin, heart rate variability, social cognition, meta-analysis
Picture of Elisabeth Qvigstad Qvigstad, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 23033433
Picture of Erik Qvigstad Qvigstad, Erik Professor Emeritus +47 22119815
Picture of Sajan Raju Raju, Sajan Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Anette Ramm-Pettersen Ramm-Pettersen, Anette Associate Professor
Picture of Ingrid Randen Randen, Ingrid Associate Professor +47 22117820
Picture of Ulla Randen Randen, Ulla Associate Professor
Picture of Toril Ranneberg Nilsen Ranneberg Nilsen, Toril Senior Engineer +47 23013917
Picture of Henrik Rasmussen Rasmussen, Henrik Associate Professor Nordic
Picture of Simon Rayner Rayner, Simon Adjunct Professor +47 23 02 63 79 Bioinformatics, Evolution, NGS, Algorithm Development
Picture of Anne Hansen Ree Ree, Anne Hansen Adjunct Professor +47 67927802
Picture of Linn Nanette Reichborn Reichborn, Linn Nanette Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud Reichborn-Kjennerud, Ted Adjunct Professor +47 21078225
Picture of Ola Reiertsen Reiertsen, Ola Førsteamanuensis emeritus
Picture of Denis Reis de Assis Reis de Assis, Denis Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tahira Riaz Riaz, Tahira Postdoctoral Fellow Mass spectrometry, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Microbiology, Antimicrobial resistance
Picture of Anne Margarita Dyrhol Riise Riise, Anne Margarita Dyrhol Adjunct Professor
Picture of Petter Andreas Ringen Ringen, Petter Andreas Adjunct Professor
Picture of Amund Ringvold Ringvold, Amund Professor Emeritus +47 23074307
Picture of Borghild Barth-Heyerdahl Roald Roald, Borghild Barth-Heyerdahl Professor Emeritus +47 22118924 +47 95085835
Picture of Philippe Paul Auguste Robert Robert, Philippe Paul Auguste Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Joseph Mark Robertson Robertson, Joseph Mark Senior Adviser +47 22840941
Picture of Daniël Roelfs Roelfs, Daniël Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Torleiv Ole Rognum Rognum, Torleiv Ole Professor Emeritus +47 23013120 +47 92637507
Picture of Halvor Rollag Rollag, Halvor +47 23071155 Immunsvikt, Virusinfeksjoner, Epidemiologi
Picture of Andreas Romaine Romaine, Andreas Researcher
Picture of Kristin Lie Romm Romm, Kristin Lie Associate Professor
Picture of Christine Rootwelt-Norberg Rootwelt-Norberg, Christine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Mona Elisabeth Rootwelt-Revheim Rootwelt-Revheim, Mona Elisabeth Associate Professor
Picture of Terje Rootwelt-Revheim Rootwelt-Revheim, Terje Professor +47 22894581 +4795831631