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Picture of Fredrik Andreas Dahl Dahl, Fredrik Andreas Researcher
Picture of Mai Britt Dahl Dahl, Mai Britt Senior Engineer
Picture of Vegard Dahl Dahl, Vegard Professor Emeritus
Picture of Knut Dahl-Jørgensen Dahl-Jørgensen, Knut Professor Emeritus Diabetes and hormones, USA, Nordic
Picture of Anders Erik Astrup Dahm Dahm, Anders Erik Astrup Associate Professor
Picture of Anders M. Dale Dale, Anders M. Researcher
Picture of Olav Dalgard Dalgard, Olav Adjunct Professor
Picture of Bjørn Dalhus Dalhus, Bjørn Researcher +47 23070908 +4794411248
Picture of Ben Davidson Davidson, Ben Adjunct Professor +47 22782415
Picture of Eline de Boer de Boer, Eline Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94032946
Picture of Miklos Degre Degre, Miklos Professor Emeritus +47 23071163
Picture of Espen Dietrichs Dietrichs, Espen Adjunct Professor +47 90593107 Movement disorders, Neurology
Picture of Caroline Marie Claude Dillard-Eple Dillard-Eple, Caroline Marie Claude Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Trond H Diseth Diseth, Trond H Adjunct Professor +47 23074951 Global South
Picture of Hilde Dishington Dishington, Hilde Head Engineer +47 23016800
Picture of Elin Martine Doeland Doeland, Elin Martine
Picture of Diana Domanska Domanska, Diana Researcher +47 93825890
Picture of Linda Trobe Dorg Dorg, Linda Trobe Head Engineer
Picture of Liv Drolsum Drolsum, Liv Adjunct Professor
Picture of Susanne Dudman Dudman, Susanne Associate Professor +47 23271155 Virologi, mikrobiologi, virology, vaccine
Picture of Michael Durheim Durheim, Michael Lecturer
Picture of Grete Dyb Dyb, Grete Adjunct Professor +47 22595500 +47 95435022 +47-95435022 Nordic, USA
Picture of Malin Eberhard-Gran Eberhard-Gran, Malin Adjunct Professor
Picture of Heidi Falch Ecklund Ecklund, Heidi Falch Senior Adviser +47 22859227 +47 90730348 +4790730348 +4790730348 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Regulations
Picture of Thor Edvardsen Edvardsen, Thor Adjunct Professor +47 23071393
Picture of Bjørn Edwin Edwin, Bjørn Adjunct Professor
Picture of Torstein Egeland Egeland, Torstein Professor Emeritus +47 23071379
Picture of Heidi Beate Eggesbø Eggesbø, Heidi Beate Adjunct Professor +47 477 55 562
Picture of Ingrid Marie Egner Egner, Ingrid Marie Senior Engineer
Picture of Desiree Eide Eide, Desiree Researcher
Picture of Lars Eide Eide, Lars Professor +47 23071062 +4793241242 mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA repair, mitochondria
Picture of Per Kristian Eide Eide, Per Kristian Adjunct Professor
Picture of Iván Eiriz Delgado Eiriz Delgado, Iván Head Engineer
Picture of Gunn Seim Ekeland Ekeland, Gunn Seim Adviser +47 67968853
Picture of Torsten Eken Eken, Torsten Adjunct Professor
Picture of Karin Ekholt Ekholt, Karin Head Engineer
Picture of Guri Ranum Ekås Ekås, Guri Ranum Lecturer
Picture of Hege Eliassen Eliassen, Hege Senior Executive Officer +47 23071509
Picture of Ragnhild Emblem Emblem, Ragnhild Professor Emeritus +47 23072531
Picture of Lars Engebretsen Engebretsen, Lars +47 48400648
Picture of Olav Engebråten Engebråten, Olav Associate Professor
Picture of Knut Engedal Engedal, Knut Professor Emeritus +47 22118739
Picture of Marie Ellström Engh Engh, Marie Ellström Adjunct Professor
Picture of Tora Torgersen Engstad Engstad, Tora Torgersen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lars Magne Eri Eri, Lars Magne Professor Emeritus +4790940376
Picture of Hans Christian Erichsen Erichsen, Hans Christian Lecturer
Picture of Anne-Lise Eriksen Eriksen, Anne-Lise Secretary +47 22118703
Picture of Ine Eriksen Eriksen, Ine Photographer +47-23072583 Photo, Photography, Graphic design, Communication, Research communication
Picture of Karly Ella Karen Eriksen Eriksen, Karly Ella Karen Administrative Manager +47 23072241 +47 93005171
Picture of Morten Tandberg Eriksen Eriksen, Morten Tandberg Associate Professor