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Picture of Tor Arne Hagve Hagve, Tor Arne
Picture of Christian Hall Hall, Christian
Picture of Tuva Kristine Toresdatter Halle Halle, Tuva Kristine Toresdatter
Picture of Bente Evy Halvorsen Halvorsen, Bente Evy Professor +47 98460647
Picture of Lene Vernås Halvorsen Halvorsen, Lene Vernås Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Per Steinar Halvorsen Halvorsen, Per Steinar Adjunct Professor
Picture of Sigrun Halvorsen Halvorsen, Sigrun Adjunct Professor
Picture of Aleksi Hamina Hamina, Aleksi Researcher
Picture of Hilde Berner Hammer Hammer, Hilde Berner Adjunct Professor
Picture of Michelle Therése Hanlon Hanlon, Michelle Therése Lecturer
Picture of Thor Willy Ruud Hansen Hansen, Thor Willy Ruud +4797180981 Neonatal medicine, Clinical ethics, Neonatal jaundice
Picture of Kristian Folkvord Hanssen Hanssen, Kristian Folkvord
Picture of Ketil Hanssen-Bauer Hanssen-Bauer, Ketil Associate Professor +47 41266738
Picture of Guttorm Haraldsen Haraldsen, Guttorm Professor II +47 23071492 +47 92401962
Picture of Hanne-Cathrin Flinstad Harbo Harbo, Hanne-Cathrin Flinstad Adjunct Professor +4799546680
Picture of Live Lund Hareide Hareide, Live Lund Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anders Hartmann Hartmann, Anders
Picture of Bjørnar Hassel Hassel, Bjørnar Adjunct Professor
Picture of Kristine Vaage Hatlen Hatlen, Kristine Vaage Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Edvard Hauff Hauff, Edvard Global South
Picture of Truls Hauge Hauge, Truls Associate Professor
Picture of Guttorm Nils Haugen Haugen, Guttorm Nils Adjunct Professor
Picture of Kristina Ingrid Helena Hermann Haugaa Haugaa, Kristina Ingrid Helena Hermann Associate Professor +47 92833646
Picture of Unn Kristin Hansen Haukvik Haukvik, Unn Kristin Hansen Associate Professor
Picture of Monica Christine Haune Haune, Monica Christine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ingrid Amalia Havnes Havnes, Ingrid Amalia Associate Professor
Picture of Petra Susanne Hedberg Hedberg, Petra Susanne Senior Executive Officer 952 93 317
Picture of Julie Elisabeth Heggelund Heggelund, Julie Elisabeth Researcher Chemistry, Biological chemistry, Life Science, Antibiotic resistance
Picture of Marte Heide Heide, Marte Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hans Erik Heier Heier, Hans Erik
Picture of Tom Heier Heier, Tom
Picture of Einar Røshol Heiervang Heiervang, Einar Røshol Professor Nordic
Picture of Sverre Heim Heim, Sverre
Picture of Marte Heimli Heimli, Marte Researcher
Picture of Fatima Heinicke Heinicke, Fatima Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Åslaug Helland Helland, Åslaug Adjunct Professor
Picture of Tor Johannes Helleland Helleland, Tor Johannes Executive Officer
Picture of Marit Synnøve Hellum Hellum, Marit Synnøve Senior Engineer
Picture of Eirik Helseth Helseth, Eirik Adjunct Professor +47 99216406
Picture of Kristi Henjum Henjum, Kristi Postdoctoral Fellow +47 23016173
Picture of Carola Elisabeth Henriksson Henriksson, Carola Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 98696265
Picture of Marie Leangen Herigstad Herigstad, Marie Leangen Principal Engineer
Picture of Johanne Uthus Hermansen Hermansen, Johanne Uthus Researcher
Picture of Kirsti Hermansen Hermansen, Kirsti Lecturer
Picture of Silvia Nanjala Walekhwa Hertzberg Hertzberg, Silvia Nanjala Walekhwa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Geir Hetland Hetland, Geir Adjunct Professor
Picture of Fridtjof Heyerdahl Heyerdahl, Fridtjof Researcher
Picture of Åsne Rambøl Hillestad Hillestad, Åsne Rambøl Head Engineer
Picture of Guy Frederick Lanyon Hindley Hindley, Guy Frederick Lanyon Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jonny Hisdal Hisdal, Jonny Adjunct Professor