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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Amalie Hovland Hovland, Amalie Apprentice
Picture of Ole-Jakob How How, Ole-Jakob Adviser +4798821821
Picture of Timothy Hughes Hughes, Timothy Researcher
Picture of Erlend Huglen Huglen, Erlend Adviser +47 22844691 Human resources administration
Picture of Henrik Huitfeldt Huitfeldt, Henrik Professor +47 23072742
Picture of Gunnar Andreas Husby Husby, Gunnar Andreas Professor Emeritus +47 23070251
Picture of Haldor Husby Husby, Haldor Senior Adviser
Picture of Thuy-Tien Maria Huynh Huynh, Thuy-Tien Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marie Sofie Hveem Hveem, Marie Sofie Higher Executive Officer +47 23066823
Picture of Ivan Hvid Hvid, Ivan Professor Emeritus
Picture of Einar August Høgestøl Høgestøl, Einar August +47 41108981 MRI, MS
Picture of Per Andreas Høglend Høglend, Per Andreas Professor Emeritus +47 22029960
Picture of Aud Høieggen Høieggen, Aud Associate Professor +47 22119167
Picture of Gudrun Høiseth Høiseth, Gudrun Researcher
Haase, Kamni Sharma
Picture of Beathe Haatveit Haatveit, Beathe Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41215741
Picture of Oleksandr Ievglevskyi Ievglevskyi, Oleksandr Principal Engineer
Picture of Dejan Ignjatovic Ignjatovic, Dejan Professor II
Picture of Stein E. Opjordsmoen Ilner Ilner, Stein E. Opjordsmoen Professor Emeritus
Picture of John Franklin Imbery Imbery, John Franklin Postdoctoral Fellow
Indrebø, Marianne Müller
Picture of Christine Baalsrud Ingeborgrud Ingeborgrud, Christine Baalsrud Doctoral Research Fellow
Ingvaldsen, Christoffer Aam
Picture of Marit Inngjerdingen Inngjerdingen, Marit Professor +47 22840213
Picture of Johanne Kolvik Iversen Iversen, Johanne Kolvik Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Rasmus Iversen Iversen, Rasmus Researcher
Picture of Greg Jablonski Jablonski, Greg Associate Professor +47 23076213
Picture of Anne Flem Jacobsen Jacobsen, Anne Flem Professor II +47 23015762 +4792814298
Picture of Dag Jacobsen Jacobsen, Dag Professor II +47 22117300
Picture of Frode Lars Jahnsen Jahnsen, Frode Lars Professor +47 23071444 +47 93261235 Nordic, Life science, Allergy, USA, Immunology
Picture of Jørgen Jahnsen Jahnsen, Jørgen Professor II
Picture of Silje Holt Jahr Jahr, Silje Holt Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ashish Jain Jain, Ashish Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jarl Åsbjørn Jakobsen Jakobsen, Jarl Åsbjørn Professor Emeritus +4791687807
Picture of Mathijs Adriaan Janssen Janssen, Mathijs Adriaan Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Egil Jellum Jellum, Egil Professor Emeritus +47 23070907 +47 92265030
Picture of Trond Geir Jenssen Jenssen, Trond Geir Professor II
Picture of Venke Jenssen Jenssen, Venke Senior Adviser +47 22844658 Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Examination, Programme descriptions
Picture of Marie Kongshaug Johannesen Johannesen, Marie Kongshaug Senior Engineer +47 23071376
Johannessen, Bjarne Researcher
Picture of Cecilie Haggag Johannessen Johannessen, Cecilie Haggag Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Helen Maria Johannessen Johannessen, Helen Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Øyvind Johannessen Johannessen, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ingrid Torp Johansen Johansen, Ingrid Torp Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Truls E. Bjerklund Johansen Johansen, Truls E. Bjerklund Professor II
Picture of Suresh A. Johnpillai Johnpillai, Suresh A. Adviser +47 22840733
Picture of Marianne Bakke Johnsen Johnsen, Marianne Bakke Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Egil Johnson Johnson, Egil Professor II +47 22117477 +4747416334
Picture of Geir Joner Joner, Geir Professor Emeritus +47 22845100
Picture of Maria-Helene Madeleine Jones Jones, Maria-Helene Madeleine