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Picture of Øyvind Johannessen Johannessen, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ingrid Torp Johansen Johansen, Ingrid Torp Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Truls E. Bjerklund Johansen Johansen, Truls E. Bjerklund Adjunct Professor
Picture of Suresh A. Johnpillai Johnpillai, Suresh A. Adviser +47 22840733
Picture of Egil Johnson Johnson, Egil Adjunct Professor +47 22117477 +4747416334
Picture of Geir Joner Joner, Geir Professor Emeritus +47 22845100
Picture of Natasha Josifovska Josifovska, Natasha Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Viggo Jønsson Jønsson, Viggo Professor Emeritus
Picture of Erik Gunnar Jönsson Jönsson, Erik Gunnar Professor +47 23027328 Nordic
Picture of Ellen Jørum Jørum, Ellen Adjunct Professor
Picture of Are Annesønn Kalstad Kalstad, Are Annesønn
Picture of Trine Giving Kalstad Kalstad, Trine Giving Lecturer
Picture of Naz Karadag Karadag, Naz Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92346462
Picture of Karine Flem Karlsen Karlsen, Karine Flem Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tom Hemming Karlsen Karlsen, Tom Hemming Professor of Internal Medicine
Picture of Lady Nina Karlsrud Karlsrud, Lady Nina Senior Executive Officer +47 23072465
Picture of Sandeep Karthikeyan Karthikeyan, Sandeep Head Engineer
Picture of Tobias Kaufmann Kaufmann, Tobias Researcher
Picture of Manjit Kaur Kaur, Manjit Senior Executive Officer +47 23073738
Picture of Simona Kavaliauskiene Kavaliauskiene, Simona Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Syed Sajid Hussain Kazmi Kazmi, Syed Sajid Hussain Associate Professor
Picture of Emilia Kerty Kerty, Emilia Professor Emeritus +47 23071829
Picture of Abdushakoor Khan Khan, Abdushakoor Senior Executive Officer +47 22840240
Picture of Rojyar Khezri Khezri, Rojyar Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Thomas Kibsgård Kibsgård, Thomas Associate Professor
Picture of Peter Kierulf Kierulf, Peter Professor Emeritus
Picture of Anine Therese Kildahl Kildahl, Anine Therese Adviser
Picture of Karin Kilian Kilian, Karin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Knut Arvid Kirkebøen Kirkebøen, Knut Arvid Professor Emeritus +4790024169
Picture of Cecilie E. Kiserud Kiserud, Cecilie E. Associate Professor
Picture of John Kjekshus Kjekshus, John Professor Emeritus +47 23070946
Picture of Sverre Erik Kjeldsen Kjeldsen, Sverre Erik Professor Emeritus +47 22119100
Picture of Anniken Kjærnet Kjærnet, Anniken Adviser +47 22859210
Picture of Anita Kjølsrud Kjølsrud, Anita Administrative Manager +47 22923648
Picture of Jovana Klajic Klajic, Jovana Senior Adviser
Picture of Marianne Klemp Klemp, Marianne Associate Professor +47 22851571
Picture of Olav Klingenberg Klingenberg, Olav Associate Professor
Picture of Nils Einar Kløw Kløw, Nils Einar Adjunct Professor +47 22119415
Picture of Johny Kongerud Kongerud, Johny Professor Emeritus +47 23072517 +47 91370622
Picture of Ulf Kongsgaard Kongsgaard, Ulf Professor Emeritus +47 22934105 +4795753176
Picture of Michal Janusz Kostas Kostas, Michal Janusz Researcher
Picture of Jo Kramer-Johansen Kramer-Johansen, Jo Adjunct Professor +47 23027239 +4797539429 +47 97539429
Picture of Maria Vladimirovna Krave Krave, Maria Vladimirovna Senior Executive Officer +47 23074503
Picture of Einar Kringlen Kringlen, Einar Professor Emeritus +47 94464501
Picture of Vessela N. Kristensen Kristensen, Vessela N. Professor II Molecular biology, Cancer, Life science, Biostatistics
Picture of Thoril Kristiansen Kristiansen, Thoril Senior Adviser +47 22844699 Human resources administration, Appointments, Recruitment, Regulations, HR-system
Picture of Cecilie Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Cecilie Research Assistant
Picture of Kurt Allen Krobert Krobert, Kurt Allen Researcher +47 22840264
Picture of Silje Zandstra Krokeide Krokeide, Silje Zandstra Senior Engineer
Picture of Martin Kummen Kummen, Martin Researcher microbiota, microbiome, liver disease, oncology