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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tiril Fredriksen Fredriksen, Tiril Adviser
Picture of Anna Frengen Frengen, Anna Senior Engineer - Department of Clinical Molecular Biology +47 67 96 39 30 +47 46 46 77 93
Picture of Ebba Giil Giil, Ebba Adviser
Picture of Thine Skattum Gjersem Gjersem, Thine Skattum Adviser +47 22850533
Picture of Silje Brekken Grepperud Grepperud, Silje Brekken Adviser +47 22859219
Picture of Diliana Antonova Grozdeva Grozdeva, Diliana Antonova Senior Executive Officer +47 22851139
Picture of Iwona Gutowska-Schiander Gutowska-Schiander, Iwona Senior Engineer +47 22840211
Picture of Egil Haga Haga, Egil Senior Adviser
Picture of Kjersti Thorvaldsen Hagen Hagen, Kjersti Thorvaldsen Head Engineer 98611675
Picture of Agnete Hager Hager, Agnete Administrative Manager +47 23070871 +47 92850252
Picture of Petra Susanne Hedberg Hedberg, Petra Susanne Senior Executive Officer 952 93 317
Picture of Hakon Heimer Heimer, Hakon Senior Adviser +4593509163
Picture of Tor Johannes Helleland Helleland, Tor Johannes Executive Officer
Picture of Marit Synnøve Hellum Hellum, Marit Synnøve Senior Engineer
Picture of Marie Leangen Herigstad Herigstad, Marie Leangen Principal Engineer
Picture of Åsne Rambøl Hillestad Hillestad, Åsne Rambøl Head Engineer
Picture of Peter Olaf Hofgaard Hofgaard, Peter Olaf Senior Engineer Japan
Picture of Kristian Holm Holm, Kristian Senior Engineer psc, nopsc
Picture of Nina Maagaard Holm Holm, Nina Maagaard Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Hanne Holmesland Holmesland, Hanne Adviser
Picture of Håvard Homberset Homberset, Håvard Head Engineer
Picture of Øystein Horgmo Horgmo, Øystein Senior Photographer +47-23072820 +47-95296090 Photo, Photography, Graphic design, Communication, Research communication
Picture of Erlend Huglen Huglen, Erlend Adviser +47 22844691 Human resources administration
Picture of Marie Sofie Hveem Hveem, Marie Sofie Senior Executive Officer +47 23066823
Picture of Venke Jenssen Jenssen, Venke Senior Adviser +47 22844658 Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Examination, Programme descriptions