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Persons 76 - 100 of 171
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sandeep Karthikeyan Karthikeyan, Sandeep Head Engineer
Picture of Manjit Kaur Kaur, Manjit Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Abdushakoor Khan Khan, Abdushakoor Senior Executive Officer +47 22840240
Picture of Anine Therese Kildahl Kildahl, Anine Therese Adviser
Picture of Anniken Kjærnet Kjærnet, Anniken Adviser +47 22859210
Picture of Anita Kjølsrud Kjølsrud, Anita Administrative Manager +47 93023412
Picture of Jovana Klajic Klajic, Jovana Senior Adviser
Picture of Maria Vladimirovna Krave Krave, Maria Vladimirovna Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Thoril Kristiansen Kristiansen, Thoril Senior Adviser +47 22844699 Human resources administration, Appointments, Recruitment, Regulations, HR-system
Picture of Silje Zandstra Krokeide Krokeide, Silje Zandstra Senior Engineer
Picture of Julie Nybakk Kvaal Kvaal, Julie Nybakk Adviser +47 22844690 Research communication, Communication, Internal communication, Press contact
Picture of Joselan Fabe Larsen Larsen, Joselan Fabe Executive Officer
Picture of Randi Kathrine Leidland Leidland, Randi Kathrine Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Pål Henrik Lillevold Lillevold, Pål Henrik Adviser
Picture of Rune Lilleaas Lilleaas, Rune Senior Adviser +47 22859240
Picture of Trond Smestad Lindskog Lindskog, Trond Smestad Head Engineer +47 22850610 +47 90266206 +47-90266206
Picture of Hans-Jørgen Lund Lund, Hans-Jørgen Section Manager +47 22859207
Picture of Katrine Persgård Lund Lund, Katrine Persgård Head Engineer
Picture of Knut Lundin Lundin, Knut Professor +47 23072388 +47-90980325 Education
Picture of Martin Maier Maier, Martin Adviser 59239
Picture of Kjersti Normann Markussen Markussen, Kjersti Normann Head Engineer
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295
Picture of Karin Ekholt Mc Adam Mc Adam, Karin Ekholt Head Engineer
Picture of Kristoffer Midtgaard Midtgaard, Kristoffer Head Engineer +47 22859225 +47 93088959 IT support
Picture of Doriana Misceo Misceo, Doriana Senior Engineer