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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sebastian Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Senior Engineer
Picture of Elisabeth Kolflaath Semprini Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47-22859209 Administrative IT services, Communication, Web publishing, Safety organization, Web editor, Research communication
Picture of Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner Senior Engineer +47-23072997 +47-99251051
Picture of Marianne Skeie Skeie, Marianne Head Engineer +47-23073787 +47-92409856 intracellular transport, endocytosis, Epidermal Growth Factor receptor family
Picture of Ragnhild Skinnes Skinnes, Ragnhild Head Engineer
Picture of Birgit Skjelvik Skjelvik, Birgit Principal Engineer +47-22859013 +47-93667822 93667822 +47 93 66 78 22 Arrangementer, Disputas
Picture of Anneli Skogstad Skogstad, Anneli Head Engineer
Picture of Vidar Magne Skulberg Skulberg, Vidar Magne Head Engineer +47-23016820
Picture of Ragnhild Slettebakk Slettebakk, Ragnhild Head Engineer +47-23073118
Picture of Kristin Nordskogen Smeby Smeby, Kristin Nordskogen Principal Engineer +47-22840210
Picture of Willemijn Solheim Solheim, Willemijn Adviser +47-22859235
Picture of Anne Katrine Steffensen Steffensen, Anne Katrine Principal Engineer +47-23073118
Stokke, Mathis Korseberg Senior Adviser
Storli, Ragnhild Bettina Executive Officer
Picture of Alf Otto Sundar Sundar, Alf Otto Principal Engineer +47-23027136 +47-92646991
Picture of Anita Sveen Sveen, Anita Associate Professor
Picture of Frank Sætre Sætre, Frank Head Engineer +47-22845862
Picture of Anette Sørensen Sørensen, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22781827 +47 97514857 Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality, Anders Jahre's Medical Prizes
Picture of Oksana Takhirova Takhirova, Oksana Adviser +47-22859215
Picture of Nuriye Basdag Tekin Tekin, Nuriye Basdag Principal Engineer +47-22859131
Picture of Katinka Tobiasson Tobiasson, Katinka Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Tone Iren Tverfjell Tverfjell, Tone Iren Senior Executive Officer +47-22855769 Recruitment, Appointments, Human resources administration, Regulations
Picture of Heidi Tømmerdal Tømmerdal, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47-22840218
Picture of Jorun Ur Ur, Jorun Section Manager +47-22844612 +47 91388211
Picture of Bente Irene Hafstad Vasbotten Vasbotten, Bente Irene Hafstad Higher Executive Officer