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Persons 126 - 150 of 178
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Toril Ranneberg Nilsen Ranneberg Nilsen, Toril Senior Engineer
Picture of Joseph Mark Robertson Robertson, Joseph Mark Senior Adviser +47 22840941
Picture of Ellen Rosenberg Rosenberg, Ellen Adviser +47-23074367
Picture of Oxana Rødnes Rødnes, Oxana Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Linda Kristin Røine Røine, Linda Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22844652 FS, Student administration, Network, Syllabus, Programme descriptions
Picture of Ellen Margaret Lund Sagen Sagen, Ellen Margaret Lund Senior Engineer
Picture of Malgorzata Magdalena Sak Sak, Malgorzata Magdalena Senior Executive Officer (+47) 23079020 (office) Purchasing, Invoices, eOmpostering, Sending invoices, Research Seminars
Picture of Camilla Schjalm Schjalm, Camilla Senior Engineer
Picture of Sebastian Wolfgang Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Wolfgang Chief Engineer
Picture of Magnus Seierstad Seierstad, Magnus Senior Adviser +47 22845315 +47 98180886 Project management, International Cooperation, External funding, EU, Reporting, Research administration, Research support
Picture of Elisabeth Kolflaath Semprini Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47 22859209 Web publishing, Web editor, Research communication, Communication, Safety organization
Picture of Astrid Helene Elli Siegmund-Breivik Siegmund-Breivik, Astrid Helene Elli Senior Adviser +47 22845803 Purchasing
Picture of Marianne Skeie Skeie, Marianne Head Engineer
Skinnes, Ragnhild Adviser
Picture of Birgit Skjelvik Skjelvik, Birgit Principal Engineer +47 22859013 +47 93 66 78 22 Arrangementer, Disputas
Picture of Vidar Magne Skulberg Skulberg, Vidar Magne Head Engineer
Picture of Kristin Nordskogen Smeby Smeby, Kristin Nordskogen Principal Engineer +47 22840210
Picture of Andreas Hessen Solheim Solheim, Andreas Hessen Adviser
Picture of Willemijn Solheim Solheim, Willemijn Adviser +47 22859235 +47 98629135
Picture of Anne Katrine Steffensen Steffensen, Anne Katrine Senior Engineer
Picture of Ragnhild Bettina Storli Storli, Ragnhild Bettina Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Amanda Robin Sudworth Sudworth, Amanda Robin Senior Engineer
Picture of Anita Sveen Sveen, Anita Associate Professor
Picture of Marte Strand Sæter Sæter, Marte Strand Adviser
Picture of Anette Sørensen Sørensen, Anette Administrative Manager +47 23066824 +47 97514857 Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality