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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Svetlana Trofimova Trofimova, Svetlana Senior Adviser +47 22859226 Rekruttering, Regelverk, Arbeidsrett, Sykefravær, Personaladministrasjon, Ansettelser
Picture of Irfan Turkovic Turkovic, Irfan Senior Executive Officer 92283245
Picture of Tone Iren Tverfjell Tverfjell, Tone Iren Senior Executive Officer +47 22855769 Recruitment, Appointments, Human resources administration, Regulations
Picture of Siw Tønnesland Tønnesland, Siw Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Jorun Ur Ur, Jorun Section Manager +47 22844612 +47 91388211
Picture of Francois van Walleghem van Walleghem, Francois Head Engineer +47 22859098 +47 95930770
Picture of Bente Irene Hafstad Vasbotten Vasbotten, Bente Irene Hafstad Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Ingeborg Helle Vedde Vedde, Ingeborg Helle Senior Executive Officer +47 47884602
Picture of Veronika Vimberg Vimberg, Veronika Senior Adviser +47 22859224 Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Picture of Ellen Elisabeth Westgaard Westgaard, Ellen Elisabeth Senior executive officer 67968854 HR-portal, Cristin, Purchasing, IT support for research, Basware
Picture of Lisbeth Hagen Winer Winer, Lisbeth Hagen Administrative Manager
Picture of Tor Henry Wold Wold, Tor Henry Section Manager +47 22859212 +47 90762645 IT support
Picture of Kine Yttersian Yttersian, Kine Administrative Manager HR system, Appointments, Regulations, Recruitment
Picture of Jianying Zhang Zhang, Jianying Principal Engineer
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Senior Engineer
Picture of Yan Zhen Zhen, Yan Adviser
Picture of André Øien Øien, André Senior Engineer +47 22858845 +47 90580317 Local IT support, IT support for research, Administrative IT services
Picture of Synne Stadheim Øiestad Øiestad, Synne Stadheim Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Marianne Midthus Østby Østby, Marianne Midthus Section Manager +47 22844653 Union offical, NTL
Picture of Anders Øverbye Øverbye, Anders Administrative Manager +4722781827 Administrative management, Coordinating, Research communication
Picture of Kristin Gulstad Aaknes Aaknes, Kristin Gulstad Adviser
Picture of Sven-Christopher Aalvik Aalvik, Sven-Christopher Senior Adviser +47 90 222 301
Picture of Vibeke Årskog Årskog, Vibeke Senior Engineer +47 22840280
Picture of Monica Aasrum Aasrum, Monica Senior Engineer +47 22840220