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Who is using take-home naloxone?

In a recently published article, SERAF researchers have shown that people who themselves use drugs and report previous experience of having witnessed overdoses are also the ones who most frequently use naloxone nasal spray as a life-saving measure in overdose situations.

Supersavers who report having used naloxone to save 3 or more from an overdose are characterized by being active drug users themselves, being younger and having witnessed several overdoses in the past.

This shows that young active drug users are both willing and competent to administer naloxone nasal spray in overdose situations. Therefore, as participants in an environment where drugs are used and overdoses take place they are important lifesavers.

The findings from the study underline the naloxone distribution program's two important goals: 1) provide overdose prevention education and guidance to those who receive naloxone nasal spray, because many are themselves active drug users and are at risk of overdose themselves and 2) enable the people who receive naloxone nasal spray to save others through training in its use .

Read the article in Harm Reduction Journal here

Published Aug. 2, 2022 1:36 PM - Last modified Nov. 14, 2022 3:16 PM