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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The research group studies mental illness among children and adolescents by using a variety of methods and perspectives.

About the group

The group is involved in a wide range of studies in youth mental health, including clinical studies, epidemiology, treatment studies, genetics, brain imaging, measurement methods. Topics include ADHD, psychosis, anxiety, OCD, autism, depression, children as carers, foster children.


The long-term strategy is to develop a more unified research profile together with other groups at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. One possible subject for strategic focus is emotional instability / dysregulation.


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Published Oct. 25, 2013 10:31 AM - Last modified June 7, 2016 12:51 PM


Group leader


  • Einar Røshol Heiervang
  • Per Kristen Teigen
  • Monica Juuhl-Langseth
  • Aud Johanne Lindvåg
  • Anne Margrethe Myhre
  • Elen Gjevik
  • Bothild Bendiksen
  • Anett Kaale
  • Pål Zeiner
  • Kristin Øvergaard
  • Ellen Wikenius
  • Stine Lehmann
  • Gro Janne Wergeland
  • Kristin Anne Stavnes
  • Eli Nyhus
  • Line Glemmestad
  • Beate Ørbeck
  • Anette Holth Skogan
  • Anne-Lise Holmesland
  • Karine Wagner
  • Gudmundur Skarphedinson
  • Marianne Mørdre
  • Mona Damsleth Mathiesen
Detailed list of participants