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Clinical microbiology and microbiota medicine (CliMic)

Our main focus is chronic infectious, inflammatory and metabolic diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

The gut microbiome comprises 300-500 times the gene count compared to the human genome, and is an immunologically and metabolically active organ that shows considerable variation between individuals.

We apply cross-sectional and longitudinal study designs as well as randomized controlled trials (RCTs), including pilot studies of probiotics in HIV infection, and the first adequately powered RCT targeting the gut microbiome in heart failure.

Other planned studies include the gut microbiota as a stratification tool for tailoring biological treatment in various inflammatory disorders, and for improving diagnostics of comorbidites in HIV-infected individuals.

Research Goals

The overall aim of CliMic is to better understand the contribution of the gut microbiome in chronic infectious and non-infectious diseases in order to lay the foundation for clinical microbiota medicine, i.e. medical practice based on stratification or modulation of gut microbial composition or function.


National Collaborators

  • Johannes Hov, The Genomics and Metagenomics Group, Research Institute of Internal Medicine, Oslo University Hospital
    Our main collaborator. Together, our groups run several clinical studies, and have established a regional research network (ReMics), Oslo microbiota forum.
  • Børre Fevang and Øyvind Molberg, Department of Dermatology, Rheumatology and Infectious Diseases
    Planning to collect serial microbiota samples of patients initiating biological treatment for various clinical disorders
  • Pål Aukrust, inflammation research groups at Research Institute of Internal Medicine, Oslo University Hospital (OUH), Rikshospitalet
  • Dag Kvale and Anne-Ma Riise, Department of Infectious Diseases, OUH, Ullevål
  • Ingebjørg Seljeflot, Center for Clinical Heart Research, OUH, Ullevål
  • Lars Gullestad, Department of Cardiology, OUH, Rikshospitalet
  • Sigrun Halvorsen, Department of Cardiology, OUH, Ullevål
  • Mona Skjelland, Department of Neurology, OUH, Rikshospitalet

International collaborators

  • Susanne Dam Nielsen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Professor Karsten Kristiansen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Piotr Nowak and Anders Sonnerborg, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
  • SCRATCH (Microbiota-based SCReening of Anal Cancer in HIV-infected individuals) consortium consisting of
    • Sergio Serrano-Villar, University Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Madrid, Spain
    • Camilla Tincati, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
    • Jana Seiffert, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
    • Manuel Ferrer, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
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