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Colorectal surgery

The research group engages in clinical, molecular genetic (tumor, blood and faeces) and animal experimental studies on colorectal cancer, rectal polyps and pseudomyxoma.

The colorectal surgery group engages in both clinical and molecular-translational research. The main aims for the translational projects are detection and validation of new diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and monitoring molecular biomarkers, and to make them feasible in the routine clinical setting across laboratories. This effort focuses on achieving a more personalized treatment of patients.

The group studies:

  • Primary tumor
  • Liver metastases
  • Peritoneal metastases
  • Exfoliated cells in the peritoneal
  • Tumor cells in the circulation and bone marrow
  • Response to radiotherapy

Innovation as a tool towards advanced treatment possibilities, is an important part of the group's effort and several patents have been registered by the group during the past years.

Project teams

The colorectal surgery research group covers a broad range of topics and consists of four sub-teams:

Selected Publications

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