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Computational and Systems Immunology

Our research focuses on the quantitative understanding of immune repertoire diversity and specificity by combining computational biology and machine learning with high-throughput immunogenomics and immunoproteomics.

The adaptive immune system protects the body from harmful pathogens by relying on antigen receptors that can recognize almost any antigen with very high specificity.

These antigen receptors, called antibodies and T-cell receptors, are incredibly diverse.

Our ultimate goal is to understand how antigen specificity is encoded in the antigen receptor’s sequence.

Decoding antigen specificity would enable unprecedented mechanistic insight into adaptive immunity and an enormous advance towards the in silico engineering of antibody and T-cell therapeutics (monoclonal antibodies, CAR T-cell receptors).

Selected publications

  • Enkelejda Miho, Alexander Yermanos, Cédric R. Weber, Sai T. Reddy and Victor Greiff. Computational strategies for dissecting the high-dimensional complexity of adaptive immune repertoires.  (2017)
  • Victor Greiff*, Cédric Weber*, Johannes Palme, Ulrich Bodenhofer, Enkelejda Miho, Ulrike Menzel, Sai T. Reddy, Learning the high-dimensional immunogenomic features that predict public and private antibody repertoires.  Journal of Immunology (2017)
  • Victor Greiff,* Ulrike Menzel*, Enkelejda Miho, Cédric Weber, Rene ́ Riedel, Skylar C. Cook, Atijeh Valai, Telma Carrilho Videira Awouters, Thomas H. Winkler and Sai T. Reddy, Systems analysis reveals high genetic and antigen- driven predetermination of antibody repertoires throughout B-cell development. Cell Reports (2017)
  • Victor Greiff, Pooja Bhat, Skylar C. Cook, Ulrike Menzel, Wenjing Kang, and Sai T. Reddy A bioinformatic framework for immune repertoire diversity profiling enables detection of immunological status, Genome Medicine (2015)
  • Victor Greiff*, Ulrike Menzel*, Ulrike Haessler, Skylar Cook, Simon Friedensohn, Tarik A. Khan, Mark Pogson, Ina Hellmann, and Sai T. Reddy Quantitative assessment of the robustness of next-generation sequencing of antibody variable gene repertoires from immunized mice, BMC Immunology (2014)
  • Victor Greiff*, Henning Redestig*, Juliane Lück, Nicole Bruni, Atijeh Valai, Susanne Hartmann, Sebastian Rausch, Johannes Schuchhardt, and Michal Or-Guil, A minimal model of peptide binding predicts ensemble properties of serum antibodies, BMC Genomics (2012)
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