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Genetics and epigenetics in disease

Modern medical genetic research requires a wide range of highly specialised skills. This is reflected in the composition of our group, which includes members with very different backgrounds, such as medicine, mathematics, nutrition, biology, bioinformatics and biotechnology.

About the group

Our group has two main research goals:

  1. to reveal genetic and epigenetic causes of disease, with a particular focus on neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and movement disorders. Project leader: Kaja Selmer
  2. to develop infrastructure and ICT solutions for the implementation of high-throughput sequencing data in clinical genetic Diagnostics. Project leader: Dag Undlien

In our search for genetic and epigenetic causes of disease, we apply a wide range of methods. Many of these are based on high-throughput sequencing, performed by our close collaborator, the Norwegian Sequencing Centre. Applied methods include exome and genome sequencing, genome-wide methylation analysis and linkage analysis.

We are also heavily involved in two large projects concerning scalable, clinical use of genetic data: geniOUS and BIGMED. Here, we have among other things developed a clinical analysis and documentation software tool for genetic data called ella.



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Group leader


  • Siri Lynne Rydning
  • Dag Erik Undlien
  • Torunn Melnes
  • Inger-Lise Mero
  • Ying Sheng
  • Hanne Sagsveen Hjorthaug
  • Lars Retterstøl
  • Morten C. Eike
  • Roar Fjær
  • Magnus Dehli Vigeland
  • Monica Cheng Munthe-Kaas
  • Sigrid Pedersen
  • Anne Blomhoff
  • Beate Skinningsrud
Detailed list of participants