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Hepatobiliary malignacies

The Research Group conducts clinical studies and collaborate on translational studies for the treatment of hepatobiliary malignancies.

About the group

We have recently completed two major clinical trials address key issues in liver surgery (ALPPS and laparoscopic liver resection). We are currently putting all our effort in the ASAC trial but continuously work on hypotheses for new RCTs.

Our clinical department is a major provider of surgical specimens necessary for translational research. We therefore focus on close partnership with several key research groups within the field of molecular medicine and tumor Genetics.

The Groups goal is to ensure adequate research infrastructure and financing to make sure that clinical and translational hepatobiliary research activity becomes an integrated part of all aspects of the day to day practice in our Department.

The main aim of the research group is to conduct clinical and translational studies for the treatment of hepatobiliary malignancies. The group has also register-based studies to evaluate and improve patient treatment.


  • The ASAC study, Scandinavian multicentre, placebo-controlled, randomized trial, initiated by our group, investigating the role of aspirin as adjuvant after surgery for colorectal liver metastases, is still recruiting patients and has now 300 of 800 patients included ( The trial is funded by Research Council of Norway, Norwegian Cancer Society, and KLINBEFORSK. 
  • EXCALIBUR study; single centre, un-blinded, three-armed randomized trial for patients with high load of colorectal liver metastases, treated with 1)liver transplantation 2)liver resection 3)hepatic artery infusion of chemotherapy. The trial is approved by the Ethical committee and Norwegian Medicinal Agency and will to be initiated in 2021 (
  • Precision Medicine in Early Diagnostics and Therapy of Biliary Tract Cancer; is a collaborative project between several groups, led by Sheraz Yaqub, started December 2020.
  • TESLA trial: Liver Transplantation for Non-Resectable Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: a prospective exploratory trial; this is a collaborative study between several groups at OUH-KIT treating patients with cholangiocarcinoma
  • CAMINO study: Investigate the value of MRI in assessing CRC liver mets compared to CT scan, and if MRI affects the surgical decision. 



  • Professor Bjørn Edwin Intervensjonssenteret
  • Professor Ragnhild Lothe og Jebsen senteret for tarmkreftforskning ved DNR
  • Professor Kjetil Taskèn, Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Professor Kjersti Flatmark, Oslo University Hosptal, DNR


  • All HPB departments at the other University Hospitals in Norway in the ASAC-study (a randomized controlled Multicenter study for the effect of adjuvant ASA following resection of colorectal liver metastases)


  • Scandinavian network on HPB Surgery on several collaborative studies with the University Hospitals in Lund, Gothenburg, Linkøping, Stocholm, Uppsala (Sweden) and Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (Denmark) through the IHPBA Scandinavian Chapter.
  • Collaboration on the Orange2+ study. PI: Ronald van Dam, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Professor Edwin participates in several international multiinstitutional projects and research groups related to MIS.

Selected Publications

(excluding other publications without direct hepatobiliary relevance)

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  • Palomar R, Cheikh FA, Edwin B, Fretland Å, Beghdadi A, Elle OJ. A novel method for planning liver resections using deformable Bézier surfaces and distance maps. Comput Methods Programs Biomed. 2017 Jun;144:135-145



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