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Personality psychiatry

Our overall goal is to find answers to how personality disorders best can be understood and treated.

The Research Group for Personality Psychiatry is a collaboration of researchers and clinicians with a special focus on personality disorders.

Personality disorder (PD) – by definition maladaptive patterns of emotionality, cognition, and behaviors – can be dimensionally conceptualized within domains of self and interpersonal personality functioning. High priority research includes mapping personality functioning, genetic factors, assessment, and mental and somatic comorbidity in clinical samples.

Effective treatments are mainly documented for borderline PD. The research group is working to expand knowledge on clinical and economic utility of PD treatments within mental health and addiction services, further understanding of PD treatment processes, and test interventions for avoidant and antisocial PD. Research interests include occupational habilitation and adolescent PD.

Our research aims to

  • Increase knowledge on personality disorders
  • Improve accuracy of assessment and diagnoses
  • Improve quality of treatment

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Our research projects focus on

  • Core aspects of personality functioning, comorbidity and genetics
  • Personality disorder classification and assessment
  • Treatment, costs, and habilitation

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We collaborate with

  • Clinicians
  • People with lived experience
  • Researchers and research environments

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Current highlights


  • A new book in Norwegian about avoidant personality disorder: Wilberg, T. & Eikenæs, I. U-M. (2022) Å ønske, men ikke våge - Om engstelig unnvikende personlighetsproblemer. Oslo: Gyldendal. ISBN: 9788205554641
  • Position as PhD candidate - Translational collaboration with project title: "Pain, Personality disorder & Poligenic Risk". Application deadline: February 11th. (Link)
  • Position as coordinator/project leader at Psychotherapy Quality Laboratory. Application deadline: February 20th. (Link)
  • Thirty-year anniversary for our major clinical research collaboration - The Norwegian Network for Personality Disorder 1992-2022. (Link)
  • PhD graduation: Espen Folmo, June 2021. (Link)

Research networks

Research networks aim to bring together researchers, stimulate more research and increase research collaboration.

Upcoming events / international- and national conferences / webinars

See Norwegian Advisory Unit, Personality Psychiatry (Norwegian text)

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Group leader

Section for Personality Psychiatry

Section for Personality Psychiatry
Kirkeveien 166, 0450 Oslo
Oslo University Hospital

The research group is affiliated to the University of Oslo. Members are recruited across health trusts, universities, and research centers.

Main clinical research collaboration
Network for Personality Disorders, Section for Personality Psychiatry and specialized treatments, Oslo University Hospital.

Collaborative research network