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Psychotherapy Research

The research group investigates the effect of psychotherapy with the aim of increasing the knowledge on what sort of therapy works best for which disorders and for whom.

About the group

It has been known for a long time that psychotherapy works, but why it works is not properly understood. The group is trying to increase our knowledge in this area, with the hope that their results can improve future treatment methods. Potentially, there are large clinical consequences of the group’s research.

The projects listed below use different kinds of psychotherapy but have to large degree similar methods and aims. Randomized clinical trials are used to compare the effects of the treatments. In addition to publication in international research journals, the results are conveyed to clinicians through education, seminars and lectures in Europe, USA and Asia.



The group collaborates closely with prominent research groups in USA and Europe. In addition, the group collaborates with Oslo University Hospital, Diakonhjemmet Hospital and several other treatment facilities in Norway.

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