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The research group is conducting clinical and translational research on the juvenile- and adult-onset systemic, multi-organ inflammatory rheumatic syndromes; a heterogeneous group of chronic, relapsing-remitting disorders characterized by high disease burden and reduced survival.

About the group

With a long-term aim of better and more precise therapeutic targeting of these disorders, we focus our research on the identification of prognostic and predictive biomarkers. As this approach requires access to unbiased and high resolution data on clinical outcome measures, we have established a number of prospective population based patient cohorts, including, but not limited to, nationwide cohorts on systemic sclerosis, mixed connective tissue disease and juvenile dermatomyositis.

Long-term objective


  • perform research that contribute to development of better and more precise therapeutic targeting in juvenile and adult-onset systemic, inflammatory rheumatic disorders (SIRD)


  • provide high quality, data on disease evolution and outcome across different SIRD populations
  • approach mechanistic studies on Systemic sclerosis


  • Systemic sclerosis; nationwide cohort, gut microbiota, role of CCL21, borderline PH
  • SLE; regional cohort, genetics
  • ANCA vasculitis; regional cohort
  • Juvenile arthritis; follow-up studies



  • Department of Lung Medicine (May Brit Lund)
  • Department of Radiology (Mogens Aaløkken)
  • Department of Cardiology (Arne Andreassen)
  • Institute of Pathology (Guttorm Haraldsen, Espen Bækkevold)


  • All the Departments of Rheumatology and Pediatrics in Norway


  • Oliver Distler, Switzerland
  • Ingrid Lundberg, Karolinska
  • John Belperio, UCLA


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Group leader


  • Øyvind Molberg
  • Anders Heiervang Tennøe
  • Berit Flatø
  • Kristine Risum
  • Sigrun Skaar Holme
  • Anna Hoffmann-Vold
  • Anita Tollisen
  • Anne Marit Selvaag
  • Gudrun Norby
  • Helena Andersson
  • Helga Sanner
  • Henriette Didriksen
  • Hilde Haukeland
  • Håvard Fretheim
  • Karin Kilian
  • Karoline Lerang
  • Maylen N. Castens
  • Ragnar Gunnarsson
  • Torhild Garen
  • Vibeke Lilleby
  • Øyvind Midtvedt
  • Øyvind Palm
  • Vikas K. Sarna
Detailed list of participants