Interaction of Immunology and Microbiota

Symposium with Professor Andrew Macpherson, Director of Gastroenterology, University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland. 

Photo: Andrew Macpherson

Photo: Gastroenterology & Mucosal Immunology, Switzerland

Title: Interaction of Immunology and Microbiota

Keynote speaker: Professor Andrew Macpherson
Speaker: Ole J.B Landsverk
Speaker: Brian K. Chung
Host: Associate Professor Victor Greiff

Keynote speaker:
Professor Macpherson is Professor of Medicine and Director of Gastroenterology at the University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland. His research focus lies on the interaction of microbiota and immune system. He regularly publishes in Science, Nature, and Immunity. In 2017, he received an ERC Advanced Grant.

Place and time:
The symposium will take place at Rikshospitalet, main building (B1 - U-floor, Auditorium 1, Grønt) on the left hand side when entering the Hospital from the entrance next to the tram stop. The key note speaker will start at 1:15 pm. There will be no break during the symposium. Coffee and cake will be served both before and after the symposium. 


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