Guest lecture - Nathan Gillespie

Genetic and environmental pathways to substance use and misuse.

Some of the topics

  • Genetic epidemiology of substance use disorders
  • Sources of comorbidity and environmental risk factors when it comes to substance use disorders
  • Brain changes associated with substance use disorders
  • Results from a meta-analysis on cannabis and GWAS

About Nathan Gillespie

Dr Nathan Gillespie has his expertise in substance use and psychiatric genetic epidemiology.

He is skilled in structural equation modelling, statistical genetics, and has extensive experience manipulating large population-based twin registry data sets to model the Genetic and environmental pathways in internalising behaviours, substance use and substance use disorders.

He serves on the faculty at the bi-annual introductory workshop on the Methodology of Twin and Family Studies in Boulder, Colorado.

He is Director of VCU’s Psychiatric, Behavioral and Statistical Genetics PhD program.

He is also on the steering committee of the International Cannabis Consortium (N=~34,000), which has begun identifying allelic variants associated with cannabis use phenotypes.

Finally, Dr Gillespie is part of an international collaboration to study the pathways from normal, abnormal, and pathological personality to substance use and psychosocial outcomes in Norwegian twins.

His other interests include the genetic etiology of the non-medical use of prescription substances, and methods for integrating brain imaging and substance use data in genetically informative designs.

Nathan Gillespie er Assistant Professor ved Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavior Genetics, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA og Visiting Scientist, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute i Brisbane, Australia.


Division of Mental Health and Addiction, and Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Published Aug. 31, 2016 8:33 AM - Last modified Aug. 31, 2016 8:33 AM