The 9th Ahus Colorectal Symposium

Welcome to the 9th Ahus Colorectal Symposium: It’s all about the mesentery


Thursday January 24th  10.00 – 17.00

09.30   Register

10.00   Welcome 

10.10   Live surgery: A tale of TWO robots – TWO surgeons – SAME operations

12.30   Lunch 

13.30   The Mesenteric Organ   JC Coffey (Ireland)

14.00   Implications of mesenteric based surgery in right colectomy   A Nesbakken (Norway)

14.25   Assessing quality of CME lymphadenectomy? – Can we do better?  S Laurberg (Denmark)

14.50   Coffee

15.10   Mesenteric based surgery for small bowel tumors  JC Coffey (Ireland)

15.35   Extended D3 mesenterectomy for small bowel tumors – results  D Ignjatovic (Norway)

16.00   Functional aspects of superior mesenteric nerve plexus denervation  Y Thorsen (Norway)

16.20   New strategies: do we really need that last lymph node?  Pro/Con  A Hansen Ree/F Pfeffer   (Norway)


Friday January 25th  09.00 – 14.00

09.00   Implications of mesenteric based surgery for the left colonic flexure  S Laurberg (Denmark)

09.25   My view on the splenic flexure  D Ignjatovic (Norway)

09.50   The role of liquid biopsies in colorectal cancer  A Hansen Ree (Norway)

10.15   Coffee

10.30   Mesenteric based surgery in rectum cancer  M Ozmen (Turkey)

10.55   Is TaTME the final solution?  S Larsen (Norway)

11.20   Robotic / Laparoscopic / Open -  Surgical access limitations  M Ozmen (Turkey)

11.45   Lunch

12.30   Mesenteric lymph node radiology, which node is positive?  L Blomqvist (Sweden)

13.00   Adverse events in relation to mesenteric based colorectal surgery  F Pfeffer (Norway)

13.25   Take home points – should extended mesenterectomy be considered

            as standard care?  JC Coffey (Ireland)

14.00   Adjourn



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