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Detailed molecular and clinical characterization of patients with neurodevelopmental disabilities and genome aberrations

In patients with balanced karyotype aberrations or microdeletions affecting a limited number of genes, a direct link may be found between the genes disrupted and/or being haploinsufficient and the disease phenotype.

A common clinical presentation in these patients is a neurodevelopmental syndrome presenting early in childhood.

Our interdisciplinary approach combines detailed characterization of genomic aberrations using cytogenetics and molecular approaches, and a comprehensive clinical analysis in order to build hypotheses to explain phenotype-genotype correlations, which are explored in follow up experiments.

Thus we diagnose patients and at the same time reveal unique knowledge in cell biology and cell physiology.

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Project leaders


  • Eirik Frengen
  • Doriana Misceo
  • Tuva Barøy
  • Thilini Yaddehi Gamage
  • Ellen Carlsen
  • Christeen R. Pedurupillay
  • Asbjørn Homgren
  • Johan Robert Helle
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