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Precision-cut ex vivo culture system

Because the stroma plays a decisive role in the profound chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer, experimental models should preferably include both the cancer cells and stroma.

About the project

While co-cultures of pancreatic cancer cells and pancreatic stellate cells (cfr. Project 1) are by far more representative of the in vivo situation, they still do not represent the full repertoire of extracellular components and other structures in the tumour microenvironment.

In this project, a model based on the culturing of thin slices (ca. 300 micron thick) of human pancreatic cancer tissue, is optimized and used for testing of various drugs.

Photo: "Flow chart" - Misra, Sougat. et al. Sci. Rep. 2019;9:2133


  • Mikael Björnstedt,  Dept of Pathology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Carlos Fernandez Moro, Dept of Pathology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden


  • University of Oslo

Study period

  • 2018 - ongoing


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