Public Defence: Chinh Bkrong Thi Thuy Nguyen

M.Sc. Chinh Bkrong Thi Thuy Nguyen at Institute of Clinical Medicine will be defending the thesis «Molecular biology of adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome:  studies on genetic markers and gene expression» for the degree of PhD.

Trial Lecture - time and place

See Trial Lecture.

Adjudication committee

  • First opponent: Principal Investigator and Group Leader Caroline Heckman, University of Helsinki
  • Second opponent: Professor Elling Ulvestad, University og Bergen
  • Third member of the adjudication committee: Professor Farrukh Chaudhry, Univerity of Oslo

Chair of the Defence

Professor Britt Nakstad, University of Oslo

Principal Supervisor

Professor Vegard Bruun Bratholm Wyller, University of Oslo


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is an important cause of disability among adolescents whereas molecular mechanism underlying CFS/ME pathophysiology is unknown.

By using molecular and bioinformatics methods, the current thesis investigated the association of the variants 5-HTTLPR and rs25531 of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT /SLC6A4) in disease development over time as well the deregulation of global gene expression and immune genes network in CFS/ME that could be associated with disease markers. 

Additional information

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Publisert 9. nov. 2018 16:24 - Sist endret 13. nov. 2018 08:57