A focus on art therapy

Studies of patients with personality disorder and patients with eating disorder

Art therapy in different forms and traditions are widely used within mental health services, often as a treatment adjuvant to other therapy. The art therapy represents an opportunity for nonverbal self-expression and may promote a personality-focused dialogue between the patient and therapist. However, the use and potential of art therapy for patients with severe emotional and relational problems is poorly investigated.

The project has several goals

  • Student project A (2019): To explore the longitudinal course of patients with an eating disorder who participated in a psychodynamic treatment program with an emphasis on art therapy. The project was based on clinical data obtained over the period 2000-2015 (N = 752).
  • Student project B (2020): Qualitative analysis of the potential of art therapeutic assignments in assessment before treatment.
  • Student project C (2022): Investigation of art therapy as an adjuvant treatment in Mentalization-based therapy – qualitative interviews of female patients with borderline personality disorder.

The project includes three master's theses with the possibility of reworking into published articles. All are carried out in collaboration between the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo (students and supervisors) and the Eating Outpatient Clinic/ Outpatient Clinic for Specialized Personality Disorder Treatment, both at the Section for Personality Psychiatry and special outpatient clinics.

Principle Investigator

Researchers (students)

Student projects

  • Student project A: Minna Christensen
  • Student project B: Ellen Margrete Kvarstein
  • Student project C: Radostina Ivanova & Eirin Hunnes

Section for Personality Psychiatry and specialized treatments

  • Åse Minde
  • Inga-Lill Johnsen
  • Jane Fjermestad-Noll
  • Siri Johns

University of Oslo

  • Kjersti Gulliksen
  • Unni Johns
  • Line Stänicke
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