Oversikt over forskergruppens prosjekter.

  • Pain epidemiology. A number of pain projects in collaboration with The Tromsø Study ( with special focus on pain, hypertension, and cardivascular risk, chronic postsurgical pain, irritabel bowel syndrome and pain, use of analgesics. Currently 5 PhD-students take part.
  • Pain and inflammation. Acute post-surgical pain, inflammation and bio-markers. Effect of drug treatment on pain and bio-markers is studied with the use of microdialysis. 2 PhD-projects.
  • Do central sensitization and cognitive-emotional factors alter pain sensitivity in remote areas in peripheral neuropathic pain states?  Our aim is to study factors that lead to spread of hypersensitivity in neuropatic pain states, i.e., factors relating to ascending sensory transmission but also cognitive-emotional factors.
  • Pain management in intensive care, and pain following intensive care treatment. 1 postdoc + 2 PhD-projects.
  • Opioid-induced hyperalgesia. Studies of the phenomenon and effect of pharmacological interventions.
  • Combination of opioids and pregabalin. Analgesic effect and side-effects (ventilation, cognitive effects).
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