HSE responsibility in the laboratory

Managing the working environment is an integral part of the University's primary responsibilities. Responsibility for systematic health, safety and the environment applies at all levels. It is therefore important that everyone working in the laboratories have made themselves familiar with how the Centres' have organized the HSE work.

Centre Director

  • has the overall responsibility that all laboratory work is done within current laws and regulations.
  • is responsible for the Centres' having written guidelines for potentially dangerous work.
  • shall ensure that the necessary protective equipment is available, that relevant training is given and that reports of safety breaches are followed up.

The Centre Director reports to the Dean at the Faculty of Medicine.

Chief of administration

  • is responsible to oversee that all laboratory work is done within current laws and regulations.
  • is responsible to implement measures to ensure laboratory safety, as well as documenting and reporting on this work.

The Chief of Administration reports to the Centre Director.

HSE coordinator

  • shall assist the management to attend to their HSE responsibilities.
  • shall be an advisor to the management in HSE-matters and assist in coordinating, developing, documenting and evaluating the HSE work.
  • shall assist in supervising that the systematic HSE work is working according to the intention.

The HSE coordinator reports to the Chief administrative officer.

Group leader

  • shall ensure that the work they initiate in their research group is done within the framework of currrent laws and regulations. This includes responsibility, on behalf of the Centre management, for all activities within the groups' area, including all work performed by the group's principal engineer.
  • shall ensure that the research group at all times has a principal engineer and that this person has the conditions to perform his/ her tasks.
  • shall ensure that procedures used in the laboratory have been risk assessed.

Group leaders report to the Centre Director.

Principal engineer

  • shall perform their work within the systematic HSE framework.
  • shall regularly check instruments and other equipment used in the laboratory.
  • shall make sure that relevant service agreements are followed up.

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