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In case of fire

A fire can develop more rapidly and violently than most people can imagine. For your own safety you have to know the fire instruction and routines for evacuation of the building.


Forskningsparken NCMM Biotechnology NCMM Translational Research
Gaustadalléen 21 House E House D

Fire instructions

It is always your duty to leave the building in case of a fire alarm or a fire. If you discover a fire:

  • ALARM: Warn people in your vicinity (including adjacent rooms).
    • Activate the fire alarm or call 110
  • SAVE: Help people in need to a more secure place.
  • EXTINGUISH: Try to extinguish a small fire, but do not expose yourself to any danger. If successful - watch the place. The fire may burst into flames again.
  • LIMITATION: When you leave the building/ fireplace, close all windows and doors, but do not Lock them.
  • GUIDE WITH INFORMATION: Explain to the people in charge about the situation.

Fire wardens

Unit Floor Fire warden
NCMM Biotechnology E2 Carlos Romeo Rodriguez
NCMM Biotechnology E3 Berit Barkley and Stine Hansen Wøien
NCMM Translational Research D3 Nina Modahl
NCMM Translational Research D3 Annabel Darby

Evacuation procedures

  • Evacuate the building immediately using the nearest emergency exit.
  • Do not queue up in front of the main entrance.
  • Never use the elevators.
  • NCMM has five fire wardens, wearing orange vests, to help with the evacuation.
  • Wait for permission to re-enter the buildings.

Knowledge of emergency exits, the manual call points and the firefighting equipment is mandatory.

Emergency exits

Follow the green signs. Every emergency exit opens in case of a fire alarm. The following links provide information about the emergency evacuation plan and the location of fire-fighting equipment and fire call points.

Manual fire call points and firefighting equipment

NCMM has several fire extinguishers, fire blankets and two fire hoses on each floor.

Fire alarm

When the alarm is activated, it goes directly to the Fire Brigade. There is no delay before the fire brigade is notified.  If you have caused a false alarm during working hours, please contact the reception at  Forskningsparken immediately. In case of emergency, call 110 or activate the manual fire call point and contact the Safety and Alarm Unit at UiO: 228 56666

Meeting places M1, M2 and M3

Forskningsparken is divided into 4 fire zones (pdf) where the fire alarms may activate separately. You only need to evacuate when the alarm in your zone is activated. Information is given at M2. NCMM belongs to fire zone 1.

  • House E evacuates to M1, and walk to M2 for further information (night time 16:00-8:00)
  • House D evacuates to M3, and walk to M2 for further information (night time 16:00-8:00)


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