Mandatory HSE-courses

UiO offers courses in lab safety. These courses are mandatory for all people working in all lab-facilities.

The courses must be completed  within your first year of employment. The on line courses before you start working in lab. It is specially important for newcomers whith less experience. UiO has a register of who has attended which course. If you can prove having taken a similar course from elsewhere, you can send documentation of this to HMSB for approval and registration. All leaders must have minimum MODUL 5  "The HSE-system at UiO".

Courses in hazardous work

1. On line courses "Safe Handling of Chemicals"
2. On line course "Gas Safety Course"
3. Basic Safety in the Laboratory  (For all people working in the lab)
4. Selection and use of personal Protective Equipment (For all people working in the lab)
5. Infection Control (For those exposed to risk of infection when working with biological factors)
6. Radiation safety   (For those working with radioactivity)

Other HSE-courses

7. HSE-Basic safety course. Includes module 1-7 (For all safety representatives and LAMU-members. All group leaders must minimum have module 5 "The HSE-system at UiO".
8. ECO-online (How to operate the Chemical Archive system) A training video for the Chemical Archive, available for all staff and students.
9. Safe job analysis (SJA) (For those in need of a safe-job analysis)

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