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NCMM is led by Director Professor Janna Saarela. The Centre has a Board that decides on strategic matters and a Strategic Advisory Board that evaluates and provides scientific advice concerning ongoing research projects and research strategies.

Centre Director

Professor Janna Saarela is Director of NCMM. The Centre Director reports to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The Director is responsible for the Centre's operations and oversees all employees; he directly oversees the Group leaders. The Centre Director leads and coordinates development of the Centre's research, dissemination, and other academic activities.

Head of Office

Head of Office, Ingrid Kjelsvik, reports to the Centre Director. The Head of Office leads and coordinates administrative functions and resources, including management of personnel and finance. She is responsible for employees in the administration and the Centre's common scientific and technical services. She performs certain tasks delegated by the Director in order to fulfill an employer's responsibility, including follow-up HSE.

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