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Esguerra group

Dr. Esguerra´s research team is focused on exploring the fundamental mechanisms underlying brain function in health and disease.

Photo of a zebrafish

Photo:Thierry Marysael

Research focus

Using a combination of genetic and chemical approaches in zebrafish, the group seeks to elucidate the mechanisms of seizure generation, epileptogenesis and treatment resistance by probing the function of novel disease-associated gene variants involved in the etiology of pharmacoresistant epilepsies. The Esguerra Group is using engineered zebrafish mutants and transgenic reporter lines as well as pharmacological seizure models for carrying out in vivo chemical modifier screens to identify novel neuropharmacological tools and drug leads. These models and neuroactive small molecules will serve as valuable tools towards understanding the development, function, and diseases of the brain.


  1. Generate novel pharmacoresistant zebrafish epilepsy models
  2. Functionally confirm disease-causative gene variants in vivo (genotype-phenotype correlation)
  3. Identify bioactive small molecules with potential utility as anti-epileptic drug leads and pharmacological tools
  4. Elucidate mechanisms of action of identified small molecules
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Lab tel. number:  40526 (if dialling outside UiO please dial 228 before the lab number)