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İrep Gözen Group

Illutration showing the different morphologies of biomembrane ruptures

Illustration: İrep Gözen

Welcome to the Gözen Research Group!

In our laboratory we use soft biomaterials, such as lipid membranes, to mimic the behavior of living cells. By modeling a complex cell with minimal forms in our experiments, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of certain biological processes, including migration (taxis), mechanical damage and repair, endoplasmic reticulum dynamics, and others.

We apply what we learn from these investigations to design surface-adhered, simple, responsive objects, which are programmable by chemical or physical stimuli. These systems may find value in therapeutic applications or for mitigating environmental hazards.

Our doors are open to anyone interested in learning about or participating in our research. For more details, please see the overview of the project themes.


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Lab tel. number: 40522 (if dialling from outside UiO, please enter 228 before lab number).