A selection of our publications and listing of group leader's publications in CRIStin, the national research information system of Norway.

Group leader publications

Group leader's publications are available through Irep Gözen's personal page.

Front page publications by journal

Screenshot of front page cover of journal Lab on Chip, no 19, 2013.
Cover image: Artist Alena Anischankava

Lab on a Chip

Thermal migration of molecular lipid films as a contactless fabrication strategy for lipidnanotube networks, Lab on a Chip, 2013.

Authors: Irep Gözen, Mehrnaz Shaali, Alar Ainla, Bahanur Örtmen, Inga Põldsalu, Kiryl Kustanovich, Gavin D. M. Jeffries, Zoran Konkoli, Paul Dommersnes and Aldo Jesorka.



Soft matter

Evidence for membrane flow through pores in stacked 

phospholipid membranes, Soft matter, 2012.Screenshot of front page cover of journal Soft matter, no 8, 2012.

Authors: Irep Gozen, Paul Dommersnes, Owe Orwar, and  

Aldo Jesorka. 


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