About the Lopez-Aviles Group

The Group

Sandra Lopez-Aviles joined the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, now NCMM, in November 2011.


The Lopez-Aviles group will simultaneously run the following projects:

Identification of the mitotic phosphatase(s).

For this, we will take advantage of a collection of phosphatases deletions, as well as conditional alleles generated during my post-doctoral research. We will challenge these strains for their ability to normally exit mitosis in a modified strain background where cyclin dependent kinase (cdk) downregulation is impaired.

Regulation of phosphatase activity during the cell cycle

In order to achieve sharp cell cycle transitions, the activity of the phosphatase should rise as cdk activity declines, however, these should only happen once the cell is ready to divide, i.e. when the mitotic checkpoint is satisified. We will analyse the contribution of both events to phosphatase activation, from a proteomic point of view.

Implications of phosphatase activity in other cell cycle transitions

We will investigate how phosphatase activity impinges on the maintenance of a G1/G0 state when cells need to differentiate. Using the same collection as in the first point, we will investigate the ability of the different mutants to arrest in G1 upon treatment with a differentiation stimulus.


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