Staerk Group

Our research generally focuses on stem cell renewal as well as hematopoietic and neural differentiation. 

Picture of a cell

Photo: Artur Cieslar-Pobuda

Our research focuses on deciphering molecular processes that govern human cell fate decisions, in particular hematopoietic and neural specification.

The overall goals are to functionally characterize epigenetic and genetic factors and signaling pathways during human hematopoietic and neural development, and to identify underlying molecular causes of disorders triggered by defects in lineage differentiation that we study in the physiologic setting.

In addition, we are interested in defining how mitochondrial function influences stem cell renewal and differentiation. To achieve these goals, we use human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (hESC, hiPSC), in vitro differentiation assays, as well as primary patient samples, and we combine these assays with genetic and genomic approaches. 


The broad aims of our research are to:

  1. Identify key epigenetic events during human hematopoietic and neural development.
  2. Identify underlying mechanisms of impaired blood and neural cell differentiation. 
  3. Identify how mitochondrial biogenesis affects hematopoietic and neural cell differentiation.
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Lab tel. number: 45879 (if dialling from outside UiO, please enter 228 before lab number)


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